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2020 Sony World Photography Awards
© Jeroen van Dam, Netherlands, Shortlist, Professional competition, Landscape , 2020 Sony World Photography Awards
2020 Sony World Photography Awards
© eddo hartmann, Netherlands, Shortlist, Professional competition, Environment , 2020 Sony World Photography Awards (2)

About the Sony Photography Awards

April 17 – May 4

The Sony World Photography Awards is the world’s largest photography competition. The National Awards are a worldwide program that is open to photographers of all levels. A photographer from every country will be rewarded for a stand-alone photo and offers them the opportunity to present their work at the Sony World Photography Awards 2020 exhibition at Somerset House, London.

The international Sony World Photography Awards is one of the most important ​​on the global photography calendar. This year, the Awards are ready for their 13th edition and are free to go to! They offer photographers a worldwide screening and provide insight into contemporary photography. Both established and emerging artists get an amazing opportunity to showcase their work. They also recognize the most influential photography artists with the Outstanding Contribution to Photography Awards. In previous editions, names such as Martin Parr, William Eggleston and Nadav Kander have won prizes. The Awards show the works of the winners and the other photographers who made it to the shortlist, at a prestigious, annual exhibition.

Visitor information

Location: Somerset House, London, WC2R 1LA

Data: April 17 – May 4, 2020

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 10 am – 9 pm / Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 8 pm

Tickets: The sale starts on March 5, 2020 (£ 9-14). You can reserve tickets here.

2020 Sony World Photography Awards
© eddy van wessel, Netherlands, Shortlist, Professional competition, Documentary, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards

Best Dutch photo Sony World Photography Awards 2020

More than 345,000 images were submitted to the Sony World Photography Awards 2020 and more than 190,000 participated in the open competition (of which the winner of the National Awards was selected). The jury of the 2020 Sony World Photography Awards choose the photo “Johan Maurits van Nassau”, by Jeroen Adema and Tryntsje Nauta, as winners of the Dutch National Award (the image below).

“This photo is part of a series in which we have combined stories from the past with a modern element. On this photo you can see Johan Maurits van Nassau (1604-1679), the ruler of the German principality of Nassau-Siegen. At the age of sixteen he became a soldier in the army of the Republic. Eventually he becomes a field marshal. In 1664 Johan Maurits comes to Leeuwarden (place in The Netherlands) for the funeral of his cousin, the Frisian governor Willem Frederik. On the way back he falls with his horse in Franeker through a bridge in the city center. The accident is almost fatal for him. We photographed it in the modern channel, in exactly the same place that it fell through in 1664. ”

As winner of the National Award, Jeroen Adema and Tryntsje Nauta receive a Sony camera.

2020 Sony World Photography Awards
© Jeroen Adema Tryntsje Nauta SWPA2020

Dutchies Represented!

As a Dutchie I am proud of the work that makes a chance of this amazing award! This year, three Dutch photographers have been included in the shortlist for the professional competition. These are Eddy van Wessel (Documentary), Eddo Hartmann, (Environment) and Jeroen van Dam (Landscape). Unfortunately, these photographers are not selected as finalists for the categories.


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