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. Professional Identity .

People around me would say that I am ambitious. Personally I would like to call it: wanting to learn things with ambitious aspects, because I like it to work hard for things.

Sharing the knowledge I have and gained is something that I do often. I think you can learn a lot from talking with people about ideas, knowledge and social contexts.
I talk a lot. This could be just for fun, but I am not afraid of a serious conversation. Do I need to present something? I am in for it.

I work very organized. This means that I am aware of deadlines, meetings and how long tasks could take to be finished. This also has a downside. Sometimes I plan my days too full which causes stress when something changes and it could make me less flexible.
In group work I can be a good leader. I listen and I am responsive to other people. Next to the fact that I can be assertive I am trying to give other people space by letting go my assertive aspects.
Next to my own work I am always willing to help others. But I have learned to say no when it works nonprofit for my own work. Next to that, when I promised something I will keep that promise.

I am aware of sustainability. I am working on integrating it more in my personal life and I always consider it during design projects.
Besides all the serious aspects I am enjoying life and I am always happy. My interests are in fashion, photography, user experience and trends within the world of design.

I don’t like reading. I never did. That is probably why I like photography so much. It can provide an experience and a story without words.

I am a story teller.

. Vision .

Design should be part of a story. Whether this story is part of the producer or the consumer of the design. The consumer should receive a positive experience whenever using the design. The positive experience could come from the looks, the interaction or the meaning it has for the consumer. Any design needs to stand for itself without any explanation.

A lot of the things we do have an impact on the environment. This could be a positive and a negative one. In my opinion we should have more positive impact on the world. Living in a sustainable way, therefore, is a good start. In a world of innovations and design, sustainability can be implemented too. The designs I will create will be made in a sustainable way, form sustainable materials and some would even inspire users to live sustainable too.
When it comes to production and sustainability, brands should be more open and transparent about it. This could gain interest from customers and it is a way to create awareness about everything behin the scenes and where products are coming from.

Back in the days when, for example, Rembrandt was painting. Everything was handmade. In my opinion craftsmanship is an important factor in creating, because craftsmanship brought humanity to where it stand now. Using it in combination with new techniques will lift humanity even further. The new (amazing) technologies should not overwhelm the old ones with the result that the old craftsmanship techniques will get lost.

The combination of arts/creativity and technology speaks to my heart. Picking the best of both worlds will enable me as a designer to create something massive and full of impact. My designs will connect people, give an experience and will be valuable in users’ lives in a sustainable way.



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  • Teaching team members to create fashion