Fast Fashion is becoming more present every day. After buying a piece of clothing and wearing it for two or three times the item get lost in the owners’ closet. It seems like people don’t create a bond anymore with their clothing.

Due to FIDLIE the owner of the garment will have more connection with the item and will be less minded to forget it.

The owner is able to tell their story. Together with the touchable experience FIDLIE creates a bond between her and her owner.

My addition: . Fashion design . Fashion creation . User Studies . Graphics . Ideation .


To make scary public spaces more comfortable at night, TraveLight provides passers-by with a pleasant combination of light, soothing illustrations and guarding figures that will guide your way. And by presenting you guarding figures on the wall that keep you company until you leave the scary place.

TraveLight provides passers-by with a sense of social security that will diminish their fears.

The system is provided with an alarm system which will be turned on when something happens inside the tunnel. So, the system will not only make you feel safe, but you will actually be safe.

My addition: . Business Model . Ideation . Brainstorming . Prototyping .

Bang & Olufsen Experience

Creating a customer experience where multiple stakeholders were involved. Different tools lead to the final experience for introducing Bang & Olufsen in MediaMarkt. The experience contained visuals and tangibles for finding the right product match for the customer.

My addition:  . Context analysis . Value Flow . BOI scheme . SWOT scheme . Value proposition . Prototype . Concept Brainstorm .


CAPS is a Child Allergy Problem Solving device to be used in the supermarkets. The customer is able to tell which allergy they have and the device will notify them whenever they scan something that is dangerous for them.

My Addition: . User Interviews . Interface . Concept Brainstorm.