What I Do?

I am an Industrial Design Master student, studying at the University of Technology Eindhoven. This website portraits my work as an Industrial Designer and my blog about design, sustainability and (personal) growth.

User Focus

Within all my designs I focus on the user. I try to find a balance between values and needs. Next to that I tend to add the aspect of positive behavioural change.


I believe that the looks of a design tell a story and bring experience. Therefore, the aesthetical part of a design should not be forgotten. I also take this with me when doing photography.

Design Thinking

I believe, that with the right process and tools, a designer can create valuable and strong designs. Therefore I am using the design thinking method in my design process.


A good design should, in my opinion, be profitable. With the right tools I design with the business in mind. Having a win-win situation for as well business as the user.


I care for people and the world. With that in mind, my designs contain value regarding them. With the right materials and quality I want to design for a better future.


I also have a blog, which I use to inspire people about sustainability, design and (personal) growth. I write about tips , products and discoveries regarding those topics.

"I am a story teller."

My Work

I already made several designs, photos and blogs which all can be found on this website. Here are some examples of what I do!