Studio Bruin

Industrial Design Studio & Photographer

Studio Bruin

I am an Industrial Designer focused on sustainable design located in Eindhoven. I focus on innovative user experience design and circular design.  Next to my work as a designer, I am a freelance product photographer. This website portraits my work as an Industrial Designer and photographer.

Consumer products with a twist

Circular Design

I am a certified circular designer. This means that I am familiar with the circular design process and want use this in my designs. This way, I am able to design consumer products and services which are responsible.

value based design

While designing a new product or service design valuable products that people actually need. Next to that, other stakeholders like companies are included in the proposition as well.

Strategies & innovation

With the right tools, I design new, innovative, and unique products, services, and experiences with the user and the business in mind. Having a win-win situation for as well business as the user.

Experience design

A right combination between aesthetics, interaction, and results has the ability to create (new) experiences for users and customers.

Get inspired

selection of my work

As a designer, I try to find new ways to enhance people’s experiences. Whether it is a shopping experience or an experience in creating a better life. With the use of Design Thinking methods and stakeholder involvement, the right decisions can be made.