Studio Bruin

Industrial Design Studio & Photographer

Studio Bruin

I believe that surrounding yourself with products and services that help solve a need, makes a truly positive impact by empowering the users. I am certified in applying circular design principles to my work. And therefore am able to create a true impact! Learn more about me and my work in this portfolio!

Innovative consumer products

Circular Design

I am a certified circular designer. This means that I am familiar with the circular design process and use this in my designs. This way, I am able to design responsible products and services.

value based design

By involving stakeholders at the base of the design process, true value can be created by designing products that users need and therefore create a new value proposition.

Strategies & innovation

Through user studies and stakeholder involvements, I design new, innovative, and unique products, services, and experiences with the user and the business in mind.

Experience design

By designing the right combination between aesthetics and interaction, design has the ability to create (new) experiences for users and customers.

winner 31st HEMA design contest

In 2021 I won the jury price of the HEMA design contest with my design HeyMe! I am very excited about this life event and proud of what I have created!

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selection of my work

As a designer, I try to find new ways to enhance people’s experiences through empowerment. My experience is in everyday challenges, combined with new innovations and development. With the use of Design Thinking methods and stakeholder involvement, the right decisions can be made.