Upcoming: Foreseen Magazine

Written by Yvonne

A new idea

Today I would like to present to you a project were I have been working on for quite a long time already. I also immediately want to mention that the project is not yet finished. But I could not wait any longer with telling you what I am working on. Maybe some of you have already seen it on Instagram (@foreseen.magazine).

I am starting a new magazine!

What is the concept?

The concept is quite easy to understand: another magazine about photography. Nevertheless, this magazine is something new. Within a nice looking magazine you will find inspiration and information. Every issue has its theme, and the majority of the articles will be around that theme. I can already give you a sneak preview of the upcoming theme: Black & White! All the content is about the newest tools, tricks and photographers in the world of photography.

Price and more: Yet to be announced!

Sneak Preview!

We will have interviews with Wen Roks and Annegien Schilling, a review of the Canon EOS M50 including a new lense, portfolio work of Nanda Hagenaars, a guide to make the best black and white photography yourself and much more!

As the above images show you, we already have an amazing logo! Foreseen stands for knowing knowledge, seeing visuals and providing you with the right information.

I already created amazing stickers as promotion material! These are printed by StudentenDrukwerk. I am very happy with them and they stick to everything. I am already walking around with such an amazing sticker on my laptop cover.

But don’t forget!

Please follow the Instagram account (@foreseen.magazine) to stay up to date about everything happening around the magazine and let me know if you are as excited as my team and I are!

You can also find information about updates on the Foreseen page of this website.

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