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Usually I do not do a lot of tags here on my blog. I used to when I had my previous, more beauty and lifestyle, blog (which is not online anymore). What is the use of a tag? In this particular case, Manon Ruitenberg tagged me to do this tag and answer the questions given. The idea is that I will tag new people to do this tag too. Thanks Manon for tagging me and let’s get started!

Who am I?

I am Yvonne Bruin, a 20 year old student at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. Next to my study Industrial Design I do photography as a hobby that became my passion. My camera is (almost) always with me. I like it to do studio work, product photography and street photography. Street photography is something I started later on, I realized I liked it so much during my trip to Hong Kong and China.

When I was younger, my camera was always in front of my eye and sometimes I forgot yo enjoy everything around me. A few summers ago I said to myself that I was not going to experience my vacation through my lenses, but in real. I think you can make greater memories and the pictures that you will take are more specifically chosen rather than ‘everything needs to be captured’.

As a job I worked in an chocolate-and-ice-cream store and after that I worked in a clothing store. Fashion is another hobby of mine. Doing real-life or online research, looking for new trends and also designing and creating my own clothes. Unfortunately I am not able to make a lot these days due to my busy schedule with school and work.

When do I make pictures and why?

Usually I make pictures for my school projects (poster work, etc.) and I make series for this blog. When looking at less serious work, my Instagram also consists of a lot of pictures.

Something I also like is taking photos together with my friends and boyfriend. These days give adventure and a lot of fun. For the series about hero-on-socks I went to a mysterious building which I saw on Facebook the day before. A friend of mine and I were wondering if we could shoot there, and we could!

Another moment is definitely during holiday. Exploring new countries and cities can’t be done without my camera gear. I love it to use those images in a photo book, a photo frame, the socials or to share my experience with family and friends. Sometimes a picture can tell more that 100 words.

Phone or camera?

Definitely my camera. I work with a system/mirror-less camera (LUMIX G7), the modern version of an SLR camera, and these kinds of cameras are very light weighted. Due to the quality and the settings I prefer this one over a phone. Despite that, I take photos with my phone too at moments I do not have my camera with me.

Shooting RAW is also a reason for me to take my camera. With RAW pictures the edit process goes much smoother, because all the information of a picture is saved. Nevertheless, these files are extremely large. Therefore I do not always choose this option.

What is your favorite picture ever taken?

I am originally from the sea-side. During summer I love it to take photos of the sunset. Once there was an outrageous sky with beautiful clouds and amazing colors. I wanted to save that. This picture is lovely but another favorite is the one I want to share. It was already posted once when I did a review about a recipe book. The book was about making your own lemonades (very much recommended) and the pictures of one of the drinks reminds me of the fun I had with a friend that day. Next to that the drink was amazing and the picture too!

Show one of your favorite recipes

I only photograph my food for Instagram actually. Therefore the quality might be a little bit off. I made this recipe with food that I had as left-overs and it turned out to be amazing. Better than expected actually.

It was macaroni with herb cheese covered with spinach, tomatoes, grilled zucchini and corn topped of with mozzarella and basil. It was fresh, filling and delicious!

What is your favorite social media picture?

It was a little bit hard to choose, but I found one on my Instagram (yvonne_xx_). This picture was taken in an Asian food market where me and a friend of mine bought our favorite instant noodles. We bought this much, because we were going to a surprise party for another friend. We had extremely much fun in the store and the seller was shocked about the amount we were about to buy. This caused a lot of fun!

I might go back to that store one day to do a full shoot!

I would like to tag Daphne Lippmann to do this tag too! And furthermore I would like to tag everyone that wants to do this tag! Please comment if you did it than I will check it out!


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