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Kerst: recipes for Christmas – Book review

Kerst Christmas The Holy Kauw Company recipe book
Kerst Christmas The Holy Kauw Company recipe book
Kerst Christmas The Holy Kauw Company recipe book

KERST (Dutch book)

Kerst is Dutch for Christmas 😉

Authors: The Holy Kauw Company
Design: Esther Snel
Photography: Hanke Arkenbout
Size: 210 x 270 mm
Price: 21,99
Amount pages: 152
ISBN: 9789463140744
Available: 15 October 2019

Kerst Christmas The Holy Kauw Company recipe book
Kerst Christmas The Holy Kauw Company recipe book

Christmas is still a little bit far away. Nevertheless, this time of the year is the busiest and therefore those cozy days are almost here! This book is ready for those days and I am introducing it to you right now.

KERST is a book from the same authors as Limonade (an alcohol free cocktail recipe book). In this book the writers are sharing simple, interesting and delicious recipes to celebrate the upcoming winter days. In addition to inspiration for cooking and eating, this book is bursting with styling ideas to decorate your home as nicely as possible in Christmas atmosphere and to cover your tables more beautifully than ever. The golden tip for a successful Christmas? Mireille van Elst: “Enjoy each other! Have fun, realize that it is special and create new traditions. And if something fails in the kitchen, then that’s okay. ”

The book is filled with many vegetable and vegetarian recipes and festive fish and meat dishes.

The book is divided into different chapters, from breakfast till x-mas dinner and so on. For every occasion there are recipes which fit a lot of different ways of celebrating the Holidays. Usually I celebrate Christmas with food and fun. On the 25th I am at my grandfather for his birthday and the second day I celebrate with family too. Since last year I am going on a winter sport holiday too around Christmas time. Here I will celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. I am already looking forward to the upcoming Holidays, but first I have to celebrate my birthday (the 18th of December ;p)!

But… Next to all the inspiring and delicious looking recipes there book itself looks amazing too! The pictures show the right ambiances of the Holidays, celebrating, dark and cozy. Next to that the graphical designs support the feeling even more! I would like to give a lot of compliments to the looks of the book and the originality of the recipes.

The pictures made in the book are all made analog. Hanke Arkenbout is the photographer and she uses this photography technique for her work. I think that that is something which is not very common anymore in printed books. I have two books like this: Limonade and Zondag. Both from the same authors. Again they used this beautiful photography technique to create an amazing style throughout the book.

I haven’t been able yet to make any of the dishes, but I already have a wishlist of what I would like to try. Next to that, when I am celebrating Christmas at home we are definitely going to cook recipes from the book!


Will I recommend it?

Definitely! Not only because the recipes are amazing, but also because the book looks amazing! It is like a diamond on your book shelf. If you need inspiration for delicious food or if you would like to try new and interesting recipes? Then this book is the one for you!


If you are looking for a nice present for a birthday or Sinterklaas, than I would say: stop searching! This book is perfect!


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7 thoughts on “Kerst: recipes for Christmas – Book review

  1. Ik ben gek op kerst en al het lekkere eten daaromheen. Wij moeten dit jaar weer gerechten maken per gezin, dus recepten zijn altijd welkom!

  2. Kerst is echt helemaal mijn ding, niet helemaal verwonderlijk want dan ben ik ook jarig. Maar ik kan zo genieten van de sfeer, en dit soort boeken horen daarbij.

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