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Purpuz planner 2020: planning with a goal – Product review

Purpuz Planner 2020

Pink Edition

Authors: Clen Verkleij
Size: 258 x 197 mm
Price: 39,99 (pink) & 34,99 (grey)
Available: Now

Maybe some of you recognize this planner from a year ago. Right now, a year later I will tell you about my opinions of the planner, how I used it and if I can recommend it to others.

The Purpuz planner is meant to guide the lives of its users. It is quite a big planner and weight a lot. But that makes it feel like a sturdy planner that you can take everywhere. First I did so, but later on in my studies I located it on my table at home so I could look at it every day, but didn’t have to take the weight with me. I am a student so I move a lot from place to place, taking this planner asked for some space in my bag and therefore I chose to use it in a different way. Despite that, I extremely liked it. I had and have the pink edition, this is the limited version, the original is anthracite in color.

With this planner you can arrange all your meetings, ideas, lists, goals and to-do’s. Both for work and personal usage.

The idea of using a Purpuz planner is that you can achieve your goals and create organization in your life. There are special parts in the planner to help you with finding the right goals, mixing work and personal life and finding your weak and strong points.

The planner consists of a month planning, week calendar, reflection pages each month, to-do lists, a roadmap to achieve your set goal, and much more! I really like the lay-out and it works very well for an organized planning. The days are displayed from top till bottom. I like this a lot, because you can see the planning of the day time schedule-wise.

Throughout the Purpuz planner you can find several quotes for inspiration and motivation. Also, every new season there is a new inspiring picture regarding that season of the year.  This picture can be made by YOU! Every year there is a competition for one of the four places in the planner to showcase your work.

I used my planner a lot and I will use the new one too! I used colored markers to mark if something was work, sports, private or school. Also when I had time to work on my to-do list I quoted it in the spare time/space. Every day/week/month you can set different goals and at the end of the day/week/month you can reflect on these and see if you achieved those. They could even be as simple as giving 3 people a compliment today.

Something else which might be of interest by the people who care more about the environment: The planner is printed CO2-neutral in The Netherlands. They use 120 gram FSC-certified paper which gives an amazing writing experience, without push through, and preserving nature.

Would I recommend it?

If you want to organize your life better, have difficulties with planning/organization, if you want to achieve your goals and dreams: Definitely.

Next to the fact that the planner brought structure into my life it also looked amazing and I received compliments every time people saw the planner.


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    1. Oh dat is ook echt fijn! Had zelf eerst een bullet journal waarbij ik dat ook deed. Maar dat kostte me op een gegeven moment te veel tijd helaas..

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