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The Chique Cocktail

Cocktail Chique Martini
Cocktail Chique Martini man drinking
Chique man playing the piano

Cocktail Chique

LUMIX G7 + LUMIX G vario 1:3.5-5.6/14-42


Location: Hemels Berkel-Enschot

mysterious man to piano
Cocktail Chique Martini
Cocktail Chique Martini man finished piano

This shoot started with a different purpose than a Gallery shoot for my site. Originally we had this shoot for the magazine of our study association’s magazine: UNID. We went to a cafe situated in a small village in The Netherlands. The main subject of the shoot was the drink, a martini cocktail. Just like Bond, James Bond. Only one picture was going to be inside the magazine, but we had a lot more images that would be a shame not to show to the world. Therefore we decided to publish them still.

The ambiance is dark and mysterious. With the martini being centralized. A man playing the piano while enjoying his drink. From the bar to the piano, playing a piece and enjoying.


Interested in how you could make delicious (alcohol free) cocktails? I reviewed Limonade, a recipe book!


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