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Jewelry from Finaste – Product review

Finaste Bracelet Necklace Engraved YVONNE15
Finaste Bracelet Necklace Engraved YVONNE15
Finaste Bracelet Necklace Engraved YVONNE15


LUMIX G7 + LUMIX G vario 1:3.5-5.6/14-42


Necklace €29,95 + €5,00 (double sided engraving)

Bracelet €29,95



Finaste Bracelet Necklace Engraved YVONNE15
Finaste Bracelet Necklace Engraved YVONNE15

Finaste let me choose two of their engraved jewelry! I choose this beautiful golden chained bracelet and this bar necklace. Finaste engraves some of their jewelry with anything you would like (as long as it fits in the maximum possible characters). For both items I choose the name of my boyfriend and mine together. It is a little bit cheesy, but I like it very much.

The order

After the order was done and sent, I received a track and trace code so I was able to follow the package. It went extremely quick, because I ordered it in the morning and the day after in the afternoon my package was already delivered. This meant that both jewels had to be engraved and send in quite a small time span.

When opening the box there was a card, some paper and two black glittery boxes (for each product one). On top of the boxes “Finaste” was placed. When opening the boxes the necklace and bracelet were shown amazingly, with the engraving visible.

Even though if you would order these for yourself they would still feel as an amazing present.

The Necklace

For the neclace I choose the gold bar necklace with engraving possibilities. On the front side I let my own name being engraved and on the other side the name of my boyfriend. I decided to put on each side a name and not together on one side, because otherwise it would be a little bit too cheesy for me. Besides that my boyfriends name will be facing my heart (almost) which is giving the necklace a little bit more dimension.

The engravings look amazing. Super finely engraved and sharp. I did not know this quality was possible in such a short period of time. Finaste did an actual amazing job on this!

The look and feel of the necklace are looking like good quality to me. They feel strong, have a small logo on a small charm on the back, the engraving looks amazing. I have nothing bad to say about this necklace and I will get a lot of wear out of it!

The Bracelet

For the bracelet I also wanted to incorporate my love life. This time only with the initials of both of our names. I choose a chained golden bracelet with a round charm on it with Y|M engraved. For the engraving quality you can say the same about this one as about the necklace: very good!

I was curious about how such big chains would look at me, I love it a lot at others. Luckily I am also extremely happy with this one! The chain sizing is precisely what I like and if you have smaller or bigger wrists you can easily change the sizing, because you close the bracelet at the chains itself.


I am extremely happy with both jewelry of Finaste! The quality is good and the engraving is pretty. In my opinion the prize quality comparison is very positive, also with the idea in mind that you get them so fast after ordering!

And I have a little surprise and present for you! With the code YVONNE15, you can get (till the 4th of april 2020) 15% off your order at checkout! I am very curious to see what your (first?) Finaste jewelry will be!


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  1. Leuke foto’s heb je gemaakt! Ik heb hier toevallig ook drie kettingen van die komen binnenkort online, deze zijn zilver 🙂

    1. Ik zag ook veel leuke in het zilver voorbij komen, maar draag zelf meestal veel goud. Ben benieuuwd naar wat je online zet!

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