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Into the Dunes

The dunes

CANON EOS M50 + Different lenses

Into the Dunes

Some time ago I had the amazing idea in mind to start an online magazine. Unfortunately I did not yet have enough time to work on it. But I had the amazing opportunity to test a Canon camera: Canon EOS M50. We went to the beach and into the dunes to make our first shots with the camera.

I am used to shot with a Lumix system camera, this was a Canon system camera, so there were some button differences of course. But wow, what was I amazed. This camera was extremely quick in sharpening the images and shutting them with the right light settings. If you are looking for a quick camera, I would recommend this one to you!

Now, let’s talk about the beach. I love the beach, I grew up near to it and it always saves a place in my heart. Even though the weather that day was quite windy and cold, I was still so extremely happy there. Making pictures and being at the beach and into the dunes, I just love it! It was quite a happy day too, next to the location. I was surprised about me being able to test a camera and come and get it at the Dutch head quarter of Canon myself. They believed in me/us. Unfortunately I was not able to set things through. Of course I had contact with them about it. Still I am happy with everything I have learnt during that period of time. I had a lot of new experiences and I got to know a lot of new people.


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