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Throwback to Italy

Throwback to Italy Florence
Throwback to Italy Florence

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  • Milano
  • Asissi
  • Florence
Throwback to Italy Milano

A small throwback to Italy, one of my trips last summer. You can say it was something like a road-trip! We started in Milano, a beautiful city full of beautiful buildings. Our favorite place to go was Navigli, where all the apperitivos were drunk. Our next stop was Florence, a small city where everything can be seen in a short time. But Florence is also amazing to wander around and breath the city. Florece was followed by Assisi, where we met others to travel further with to Verona and Olang. A long trip, but a lot of fun!

’till next time!

Throwback to Italy Milano


The well known spots of Italy don’t look the same as they do on these pictures, at the moment. Even though everything that is happening right now is very sad and I want to wish the best to everyone affected by the virus, I still want to remind people that this will be back one day.

When I think of that trip I mainly think of the hot sun and the amazing weather we had. It was even better than in The Netherlands, because in Holland it was over 40 degrees Celsius. In Assisi we had a big villa with a lovely pool, which was very much loved because of the hot weather. I saw a lot of new cities I had never been before. Only Olang I knew, from my ski trip. I was mostly surprised by Florence, because it was much cozier that I had expected. If you have to choose between Milan and Florence I would suggest Florence. Everything is nearby, it is easy to get into town my tram. We had an Airbnb outside of the city, but the tram was so easy and cheap that it was easier to stay there. I would definitely go back there once again.

Be safe everyone and take care of each other  ♡


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