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Hoe moeilijk kan het zijn? – Book review

Hoe Moeilijk Kan Het Zijn?

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Author: Jasper van Kuijk

Language: Dutch

Subject: Design mistakes

Price: €18,- // e-book €14,50 (click to buy)

This book seems upside down, which might be confusing when opening it or seeing someone else reading it. But in one cover, the whole idea of the content is made clear. The translation of the title “Hoe moeilijk kan het zijn” is “How difficult can it be”. With a big focus on the design mistakes made by designers,  which work horrendously.

I got this book from my brother. He gave it to me, because he always reads the colum from Jasper van Kuijk in De Volkskrant (a Dutch newspaper) and sometimes he lets me read them too. He discovered that Jasper wrote this book and thought it was a perfect present for me, because I am an Industrial Design student!

Being a design student I was able to understand so many of the things said, because I experience the same during my everyday life. I do even think that people who do not have a design background could laugh about how stupid some things are designed in the world and are even able to recognize the mistakes. On the back of the book there is a warning note: “This book can change your look on the world.” And it’s exactly that. I already had some experiences in finding designs that have a mistake in them, but Jasper showed even more mistakes in this world.

A lot of different types of design are spoken about in this book. From services, to apps, to products, even surveys come across. With an easy to understand explanation and a help through Jasper his thoughts when seeing or experiencing a specific subject this book is super easy to understand.



What I really like about this book are the short chapters. No design is spoken about in longer than two pages. I do not like reading a lot, so this was amazing for me. I read voluntarily, because I really liked the subjects and because the stories were so short I was encouraged to read more!

Would I recommend this book? Yes, definitely! I tell to everyone around me that it is an interesting book to read, easy to read and easy to understand. It makes you think about the world, about what a designer is capable of and therefore it inspires me a lot. If you are interested in the world of design, don’t know where to start or want to start into the field with a smile I would say that this book is definitely something you have been looking for!


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