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Hey! #Whomademyclothes?

#Whomademyclothes? was one of the actions I saw online to raise awareness about the origin of fashion. This week was chosen specifically, because of the Rana Plaza disaster 7 years ago (24th of april). This disaster was a major turning point in the fashion production supply chain. Customers got more aware of the origin of the items they buy and wear. Because this week was Earth Week and a lot of attention has been paid to the environment and ethical situation (were the fashion industry has a lot of influence on), I could not leave it and write an article about it.

Today I would like to share my thoughts, a project I am working on and I want to inspire you to think.

A Fashion Revolution

Since I have been working on my own project regarding transparency in the fashion industry I learn more and more about the industry itself and a lot of things that happen unseen or neglected. I realized that there is a lot of knowledge missing about the origin of garments and the initiative of Fashion Revolution (#whomademyclothes) is amazing to show brands that customers care about what they are buying. If you also want to share your post on Instagram or somewhere else, via this link you can get to their website and download the posters that you need

My Fashion Transparency Project

As I mentioned I work on the transparency in the fashion industry. Not only on the activism side, that something needs and has to change, but mainly on the aspect on HOW brands can share the transparency with their customers. Only if a customer knows a lot about the item, they are able to make a so called fair choice. Because they know where to base their decisions upon. I am working on a service and a product that can be used by all the brands in the world to share their (correct) information. Getting a fair image towards the customers, raising awareness and inspiring other brands to do the same.

This project is not only about the ethical aspect, on how the workers in the supply chain are doing. This is also about the waste, the circularity and the water usage. Everything that is used to make a garment. Right now I am still working on my project, so I am not able to share a lot of it already. If I am able to, I will definitely share my ideas with you and the world!

I also want to mention: Are you or do you know a brand that might be interested in helping me developing my project to a next level, by providing feedback? Please contact me ASAP. I would be glad hearing from you!

Who made my clothes? I did!

I did not make the items I am wearing on the pictures, unfortunately. But I do actually make clothes myself too. I did not have them with me, when I was making the pictures of this article. Designing and making fashion is my passion. I love to do it and I love to think about creating and materials. It probably sounds a little bit weird. Though, I believe everyone has something they can unconditionally talk about. I have that with fashion. Therefore I find it a pitty that fast fashion distracts from the actual craftsmanship and  ideas put into the items. Something unique and special, some genius ideas.

I want to say that I do not want to make a decision for you whether you buy one item or another. Because I do not control your wallet, your ethos, your ideas and your style. I want everyone to choose for themselves. I only want to share knowledge, to inspire people and to tell a story.


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