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Portugals Glory

Portugals Glory man in restaurant

Now the weather becomes better and better, the sun is shining and everyone is thinking about summer, I wanted to share some more pictures of my holiday last summer! Next to my trip in Italy, I also went to Portugal together with my parents. Enjoy Portugals Glory in this article!

In Lisbon I was together with my brother and boyfriend, before we met my parents there. We discovered the city, took trams and walked down the streets. It was quite a quick exploration, but we have seen so much of the city! Porto was also a short visit, because it was quite far from the house we were staying in. Nevertheless we had an amazing time in Porto too and saw a lot of this beautiful city!

Portugals Glory Porto train station
Portugals Glory Lisbon view

Portugals Glory

LUMIX G7 + Different lenses

Portugals Glory Porto restaurants at water


I had never been to Portugal before. Even after my secondary school exams I decided not to go to Albufeira. Meantime, I went to Blanes! Friends and family always mentioned Porto as being extremely nice to go to, and the same held for Lisbon. And last holiday, both cities were visited by me and my family. I was shocked about the drought in the country, and the easiness of a fire starting to burn. But Portugal also had its amazing glories which got my attention. I had some delicious food, and the usage of cork was a very new material usage for me!

We were staying in an amazing house with a private swimming pool, which was definitely useful to have during the day. It was so hot that the cool water was amazing. I used to pool to swim, to do some yoga and some exercise and to have some amazing fun!

The edit

I used some new editing settings for these pictures of Portugals Glory. When using Lightroom I have some regular edit settings I always use, but today I felt like trying something new. As new feature I used Split Toning to enable multiple color overlays in the highlights and shadows. I am planning to work with this setting more and maybe get some creative results which I will definitely share with you!


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