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Method rainbow sustainable cleaning – Sustainable product review

Method is a company that makes sustainable cleaning products! And they have asked me to test their rainbow cleaning products myself. I am aware of the environment more and more, and I even try to implement it into my cleaning. Generally speaking there are quite some chemicals used in regular cleaning products. The products from Method do not only use biodegradable ingredients, also the packaging is sustainable! They make their bottles from recycled old plastic bottles.

Method sustainable cleaning

Method (click!)


So, I started my journey of sustainable cleaning when being in isolation for the corona virus. There was only one thing that did not help the review: I was not able to smell anything.. Luckily when I recovered I also got my sense of smelling back!

I happily cleaned my entire house with the sustainable cleaning products of Method! At first the packaging and colors of the cleaners are amazing. They give me a happy feeling and made me enthusiastic about using them too. Which is of course a little bit strange, because they are used for cleaning. Which is by itself not so much fun to do.

When I was finally able to smell them again, I smelled very fresh scents! All the scents also remind me of nature, which in my opinion, is a nice smell to have in a clean home.


I can say I am a very happy in sustainable cleaning right now! Next to making my house clean and nice to live in, I am also able to be conscious about the environment. Which is I guess both good to be and have.

I would definitely recommend using these products. Also because another advantage of these products is that you can be sustainable, but it won’t break your bank! You can easily buy their products at Albert Heijn, where they also sell other sustainable cleaning products.


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