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Colors and materials trends Spring 2020

A new season has started. And it is a little bit harder to spot trends on the streets, because everybody is asked to stay home. Though, the internet is a good place to browse around too! I make use of Instagram and Pinterest mainly when orientating myself about what is going on in the world or colors and materials. Do I see something new, something I have not seen anywhere else before? I save this and combine all my findings. Today I want to share some of my findings for the upcoming spring! Mainly I see a lot of people caring about the environment and going back to nature. This is translated into the street view of these days, via colors and materials.

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color and material
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See through

Something I saw a lot on the socials, but am starting to see in-store too is see through/transparent fabrics. Think about mesh, tulle, and much more! It gives the feeling of lightweight things, softness and transparency. Maybe it is a result of wanting to embrace yourself as a human being an showing yourself to the rest of the world.


Satin feels like luxury. It has a beautiful shine and is available in many colors. At first this fabric was mainly used in the underwear industry, but we are seeing it more and more in the outerwear sections too. Next to the luxurious feeling it is a sexy fabric, very sensual and is falls soft around the body. It always reminds me of the beautiful kimono ropes from lingerie brands.


A rough, nature looking fabric. This fabric is coming back! Now that people are trying to get away from polyester as a cure material for fashion items, they step onto linen. Linen is a very breathable fabric and keeps peace and mindfulness with it. The material can be used au naturel but it is also possible to dye it in beautiful colors.

Source: Pinterest Zilverblauw
colors and materials
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Maybe you have already heard of the brand Pantone. This color based brand shows the world the trends around colors and each year is dedicated to a specific color. This year it is the color blue. But not just a regular blue color. This blue is a harsh blue, and energetic blue, a conscious blue. It is also a very daring blue, from which I hope to see more in the street sight soon.


The society is going back to nature. DIY projects with dyeing using at-home ingredients, using eco-friendly materials and much more. Getting a bright color may use a lot of chemicals, but natural dyeing does not. It might only use an avocado or an union to make a material another color! How cool is that! I am still planning on dyeing fabrics via such a way and see what will be the result.


We are stepping away a little bit from the harsh colors, though they will always be in my heart. But I think they will be back upcoming summer. The colors we will be seeing are pastel colors. These are very mindful colors that calms and relaxes. Perfect during these times where we can take a bit more care for ourselves. A little bit of meditation and some self-care.


As you might see I show a lot of materials used for fashion and I also choose a lot of images related to fashion. Fashion is a great passion of mine. And because it is so dynamic I use the things I see on the streets and online from the fashion industry as a base of my analysis. If you are interested in fashion trends or other things, please let me know, I might be able to write about it or give some tips&tricks!


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