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Written by Yvonne

I’ve been off and on here. This was caused by the fact that I have been working on my graduation last semester. During this period of time I have been working so much on my final project, that I did not have the time and energy to write quality articles and make good pictures. Because both are things I stand for I decided to pause it a little bit. But last Monday I had my defense, so now I have more free time to create quality content for you again! Today I will share with you a life update of what I have been doing and what I’m planning on doing in the future!


Last Monday I have had my defense presentation, digitally. This was quite a strange experience, but I can say that it went well. At the moment I am writing this I do not have any results yet, so I am very curious about it! I do, though, have the feeling that I passed my bachelors with a good grade. For my final bachelor project I designed a tool for brands to be transparent in an easy and understandable way: TiFi. During this project I had the opportunity to work on the current fashion industry and realize my idea of brands being transparent. You can find more about my project (text, pictures and a video) here. Or on my project page (industrial design –> projects).


Now that I am hopefully graduated for my bachelor I can enjoy my summer holidays! Unfortunately the world is still in a pandemic and therefor my holidays will be in The Netherlands this year. But I do not really mind actually, because I really can use just a week of complete rest. I live near to the coast area and therefore the beach is always available to go to! Luckily also the weather in The Netherlands is getting warmer and warmer, so I do not have to go to the south of Europe for some heat and sun. Next to vacation I will also be working to make some money, and of course I will blog more often! Already have some fun articles in mind!

strand beach veins always

See you soon!

Next year I will start my master at the same university as where I end my bachelor this year! I will continuing my studies Industrial Design and will be focusing on strategic design and positive behavioral change! I am exited about this a lot! My masters will be 2 years, so in 2 years I might already be master of science and start working somewhere!

For now I will start relaxing and enjoying the things I like again. The world is also opening up, so everyone can start enjoying the sun and drink in bars. I will also start working on more fashion projects, like making garments and accessories. If you want to see that you can follow me on Instagram (@yvonne_xx_)! Enjoy your summer very much and stay healthy!


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