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My favorite place to go to

place to go is the beach
place to go is the beach

My place: the beach

I probably have mentioned the beach earlier on my blog. It is definitely a place where I feel comfortable, which is beautiful, and which I could even miss. From when I was little, I grew up with the beach. This place has always been part of holidays or windy days (because how amazing is it to feel all that wind through your hair!). My parents live quite near the beach, but where I live right now I do not have the possibility to easily visit the beach.

Now that the summer vacation has started I will visit the beach more often. This might result in my blog being dipped into sunsets and sand (probably). Though I will still give you reviews, tips and updates regarding (sustainable) products and such. Just like my last review about the sustainable hair brush, some pictures might be taken at the beach.

The beach is my place to go to at any moment. I can just calm down and clear my head over there. Having a place like this is great and I do think everyone might have such a place too. It could be the beach, like me, but also a cafe or city where it seems like you are in another world.

What is your place to go to?

Let me know in the comment section below or via my social media! I am curious to know!


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