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Anwen Eco Brush – Sustainable product review

Eco Brush

Anwen Eco Hairbrush

Goodiebox Juni

€15,- (shop here)

I am a Goodiebox member for over a year now probably. I started with this box because I wanted to be surprised with beauty products, to discover brands and products I have never used before. Subscribing to such a box makes it easy to do but then with quite a small amount of money per month, while receiving more money back in products! Last month the box was filled with eco/sustainable products, which I am a fan of! Also this Anwen brush was put in! In the article of today I will share my thoughts on this brush!

I do love my Goodiebox subscription, and sometimes when I have an overload in products I decide to pause it for a while until I am empty again. This works really well for me. When the pandemic started I felt like I could use some treatment. I have been ill for a while (probably COVID-19) and therefore, receiving the box, was extra nice!

Also interested in receiving a box? I can give you €5,- off your first box with this link!

eco brush anwen
anwen eco brush movable

My thoughts

This brush is one word: Amazing! At first this brush is from eco materials. This also means that if you decide to get rid of it, you can put it in compost and then it will vanish in 5 years! How cool is that even! I am trying to live more sustainable each day and using products like these really inspire me to do more. Also regarding my vision on design (what I study) I want to become a designer with the ability to change towards a more sustainable world.

The brush has a ‘weird’ shape (as you can see at the pictures above). I did not really know its purpose, but while using I discovered it! The brush moves along with your head and has the ability to give you a kind of massage. Next to that, it glides along my hair quite easily. I am not very used to that, because of my curly hair. I wanted to share a picture where I use the product, but I only use brushes in the shower, also due to my curls. So I decided to leave that for today haha.

Having a brush like this for only €15,- is insane. I think it works extremely well for me, it looks fun and it is also bio-degradable! Getting introduced by this via Goodiebox is amazing!

I hope I have inspired you with this article and maybe I even made you curious about the brush too! At the top of this article you can find a link where to purchase it, or you can purchase it via Goodiebox!


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