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iPad (2019) Gold – Product review

apple pan ipad 2019

iPad (2019)


iPad + Pen: Amac

Case: Case2Go

iPad review case stand

Yes, I decided to buy an iPad. But this (expensive) purchase was not without any thoughts. I have been thinking about buying an iPad for over a year now. When I had my first research project I got introduced to the efficiency of having a tablet to read and mark all the papers I was reading. I used the one from my brother to be able to do so. But having an iPad just to read papers was not enough for me yet. For my studies and personal interests in fashion design I also wanted to have a tablet to sketch on. With these two goals in mind I stared searching (yes, this was over a year ago).

I have been researching brands and different tablet types. And I ended up with the iPad Pro. Unfortunately this iPad way quite expensive. Therefore I decided to wait and think about it more. I had done my research, so I knew the one I wanted. I was attracted to the iPad pro, because it was compatible with the apple pen. The Apple products and pens respond way better than the competitors, so therefore I decided for an Apple product. This iPad is my first Apple purchase, so I really wanted to think about it well (because the prices are high).

My Thoughts

So, eventually, approximately a month ago I bought the iPad 2019. But as you can see, not the Pro version. This is due to the fact that recently iPad made all their tablets compatible with a pen! With this gift I was able to lower the price, more to my liking.

I still have to figure out a lot about how Apple products really work efficiently and what apps would work very well. I am already happy with my sketching app Procreate. You have to buy it, but it is definitely worth the €10,99! You can sketch with this program, with a lot of different brushes etc. I use this app already for some fashion design and hopefully later on also for sketches regarding product design. If you know any other interesting apps for creativity or just some fun (e.g. games), let me know!

Am I glad I finally bought an iPad? Yes! I am already looking forward to all the things it can help me with and therefore I do feel like it was a good purchase. I am also glad I waited to buy one, because it is not just some kind of cheap product. It is quite expensive and I really had to think about it well.

ipad case case2go


I can be quite clumsy, so I needed a case to protect the iPad. After long searching I found the right one for me. I bought my case not from Apple because of the prize, and also because I found this one. This case can flip open, become a stand, has openings for the buttons and charger and such, and my favorite aspect: the pen holder. Now I am able to keep my pen close to the iPad and not lose it.

For the case I paid €24,95 and this is a very reasonable price. The quality is extremely good. The leather is strong and the plastic of the rest of the case secures my iPad very well. At the beginning I did not know how to remove the pen from the case, until I found a flap in the back of the case that you can use to press the pen out if its holder. Very useful! If you are looking for a case for your iPad and do not want to spend €50,- on them, I would recommend this case to you!


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