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Print a photo on textile at Studentendrukwerk

Their poster made from textile!

You probably have seen such posters in interior shops. I did. Mostly with land card prints or animals. now offers the same decoration, but with a print of your own! I really love such posters because they, with regard to regular posters, look more cozy and personal.

In today’s article I will discuss their quality and my opinion on the overall product. Enjoy!

I have to mention that I accidentially ordered wooden sticks that were too small for the textile poster. This is a shame, but totally my mistake. The effect is quite funny, so I am okey with it. The wooden sticks are connected to each other and hold the textile poster in place. This works really well. The wood feels strong and the magnets are strongly connected to each other.

The textile print quality

Of course I had to print a photograph I made at the beach. Especially in my student room, I sometimes miss the beach. Therefore I have reminders to it in my room. Shells, prints, you name it.

The picture is printed quite sharp on the textile. And I was (positively) surprised by the thickness of it. It does not feel like it will break very easily. I am not yet able to test the following, but it feels like there won’t be discoloration of the print very quickly. That’s what good quality feels like for me.

My thoughts

Do I like it? Yes! Will I recommend this? Definitely! For €19,66 with standard delivery you can already have this (A3 with 22cm wooden sticks)! A fun present for friends and family but also for yourself. It is something new and different than an image on canvas. And the digital creating software works extremely easy! I think personal textile prints will become the next interior thing!

I do, though, have a recommendation for make the wooden stick sizing clear with additional information regarding the canvas size. Clumsy people like me can make a mistake with this. I want to emphasize that the wrong sizing is completely my fault.

With a lot of pleasure I look at this print! I am a fan of this! What would you print on textile?

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