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Let’s Dough It: Cookie Dough – Food review

lets dough it review all tastes

Let’s Dough It

Home page of the dough filled site for ordering your preferred flavour!

dough review cookie

Whoop Whoop! I received some cookie dough to test! Let’s Dough It send me three different flavors of their cookie doughs. I was familiar with the terms, due to the Ben & Jerry ice cream and the ice cream store I worked. The concept of cookie dough is that you can eat it ‘raw’, because it is not actually raw. There are no eggs in the recipe and therefore they are safe to eat. When ordering the products, they are shipped very safely. In a white cup, with a transparent cover and some plastic foil. In the box you can also find stickers, which enable you to save for a free cup of dough.

For today’s article I would like to address three different flavors on their quality, texture and taste to give my conclusion on the Let’s Dough It products! Their assortment changes every time, because this way they can offer multiple flavors to you.

chocolate chip dough review

Chocolate Chip

Let’s start with the least difficult one: chocolate chip. This dough is natural flavored with some chips hidden in the mixture. I like the taste of the dough, this flavour really offers this taste very well. Combined with the chocolate pieces, amazing! It really has that dough feeling you want when ordering and eating this. In my opinion there are not that much chocolate chips in this mixture, there could have been more. Though the taste is very good, it is my least favorite of the three I received. Just because of the ‘single’ taste experience.

Cookie & Cream

I may say, my favorite. I am in love with Oreo cookies. The cookies used for this dough are: Oreo-like! This flavor was actually the first one tested. The sensation of the taste is very good. A quite deep taste and the cookie flavor is good balanced with the dough. I also really liked the cream of the decoration. This flavor was quite heavy, but that is not such big of a deal in my opinion. I already imagine myself eating this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Totally summer snack ready!

ABC Bueno

This flavor is quite subtle. It is covered in milk chocolate feeling with a crisp added to it. The crisps really add something to the tasting experience of this dough flavor. Next to crisps, there are also pieces of Bueno in the mixture. And wow, the creme this cookie is attached with is amazing! With this dough flavor I less have the idea of eating dough, because it is very subtle and balanced.

You can also bake the dough in-stead of eating it ‘raw’. Of course I had to try this too, so I baked a few cookies. The cookies resulted quite chewy, but that is exactly how I like such cookies to be. They were all quite similar in the cookie shape, excepting the extra flavor. So there was an extra taste dimension in the last two flavors. Though I really liked the cookies too, I would stick with the dough itself. I think it is more special than a ‘regular’ cookie. But the idea of being able to bake the mixtures too is very nice.


I am blown away by the products! Even with the fact in mind that I love sweetness, these products were new to my tasting and very surprising. I would definitely recommend the products, because they are lovely as a desert, with tea/coffee, with a liquor, and at parties. Interested in more? Let’s Dough It offers more than just cookie dough! From ‘Cake Batter’ to ‘Fudge’, a sweeteness overload waits for you on their website. Something very useful is that they share very good information about how to conserve their products for the best experience. Please check their website for more! Also check their website for allergy information. For special diets they suggest to email them.


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