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Book review ‘Japan in 100 kleine stukjes’

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Such an interesting country! And this book from Paulien Cornelisse is all about it (€18,99,! Japan in 100 kleine stukjes.

I quit reading a long time ago. This is probably because I am a slow reader combined with quick distractions. With a result that reading a book takes me for ever and I completely forget what I have been reading. I do even have books that I started over 3 years ago, but never finished. Despite that, with starting my masters I also wanted to learn more outside of my curriculum. And I do think that reading is a good way to learn more. I want to learn about cultures, design and stories. When I discovered Paulien Cornelisse wrote about Japan, my mind was blown! For the first time in my life it felt like I had to buy a book! Paulien is a Dutch women, theater maker and columnist. And she has dry humor, that I really like. So, imagine, I went to a local bookstore in Haarlem and bough a book for the first time. A book about Japan.

The book

The title, as well as the book, are in Dutch. It means: Japan in 100 small pieces. From the beginning I already thought that this book would teach the reader about Japan in manageable pieces. And it did! The book is full of small chapters (100 to be exactly) and drawings, all from Paulien. Chapters are about things she encountered, saw and discovered during her Japan journey. She describes her findings in such a way that you as a reader can imagine how her stay would have been, as if you are there yourself.

Let’s not forget to talk about the cover and size of this book! I am in love with this blue color (My nails are the same, woops). The combination with the silver reflecting stripes and letters is beautiful. Wanting to take it with you? Easy, because the size of the book is like A6, so it’s quite manageable. You also do not need a bookmark, because there is a pink ribbon attached to the book.

My Thoughts

By reading this book I have not only learned about the culture of Japan, but also about their language. And I have to say, my urge to travel there has grown! By having such small chapters you can easily just read a few and put the book away. Therefore, it does not really feel like reading. It really feels like you can educate yourself bit by bit about the world of Japan. Which is really nice!

The way of writing is really my thing. It feels very personal and welcome. This way, reading did not feel like something I had to do, but something I wanted to do myself.

Are you interested in Japan? This book is definitely something for you! I can say that this book really adds something to my collection of educational books.


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