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Easy to make pillow from felt

I love it to work with the sewing machine and fabrics. I do not really share this often on my blog. Though I created such an amazing pillow and I really wanted to share it with you all. You can already make this DIY yourself by using felt, a pillow or filling, a sewing machine with the right color yarn and scissors. If you have all the tools and materials, it takes 1-2 hours to make this pillow! I am planning on making articles like these more often. Smaller an/or bigger DIY projects, because that is one of my biggest passions!

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felt pillow diy

Pillow step 1.

Your felt needs to be folded and fitting the size of the pillow (at least). Lay the pillow on top of the folded felt and chalk straight lines around in. The lines should be around an inch apart from the (floating) end of the filling. You do not have to push it down or anything. Cut the rectangle out and you will end up with two rectangles of the same size!

Pillow step 2.

Fold the felt parts each again horizontally and cut through the middle. Do the same for the elongated parts to make sure one big rectangle is divided in four smaller ones. By doing this with the folding technique you are able to quickly cut through the middle and create equal parts. Lay down the new rectangles in the right order (to make matching easier) and pin the middle cut of the upper two and the middle cut of the bottom two. When they are pinned good you can sew them with 1 cm hemming. It is important to do this neat and with the right color, because the hemming will become visible on the top of the final pillow.

Pillow step 3.

To make sure that the pillow looks neat, you need to make sure that the stitches from before are flattened. With this felt material you can easily do this by pinning them or folding it firmly.

Now take the upper stroke and the bottom stroke and pin them wrong sides together, middle (flattened) seams together, and also sew this seam with 1 cm seam allowance. This way the pillow case will remain it’s shape and the seams are the same height.

Pillow step 4.

When you finished the previous step for both rectangles we started with, you have made the front and the back! Now it is time to sew both together. Take the front and the back and sew them with 1 cm seam allowance (wrong sides together). Because this pillow does not have any zippers it is important to leave one side open.

After the pillow is almost sewn, clean raw and uneven edges by taking scissors and trimming it. Be careful that you do not cut away too much.

Pillow step 5.

Now you are almost at the end! It is time to complete this DIY project! Put the pillow inside it’s case and pin together the last opening. Also for this opening, take 1 cm seam allowance to make sure everything is even.

Before you know it, your pillow is done! And it is time for it to be used. I choose a 40×40 cm initial pillow, which is an amazing size for the couch if you ask me. And the easy and fun part is, felt is available in so many colors and thicknesses. So you can really make what you prefer.

usage vogue pillow felt

It is time to use this wonderful DIY! As I mentioned, it is an amazing size for the couch, so that is where my pillow is now. The felt material fits well in my home, and the grey color match with my curtains and couch. I always wanted to make such a pillow and now I finally did! I hope that you like this DIY too and might make it yourself! If you did, please share it on social media and tag me (@yvonne_xx_ or @yvonnebruincom)! I would love it to see your creations.


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