Giveaway time .To 5 years!.

Written by Yvonne

Yes, I am doing a giveaway! Together with Daphne from I am hosting a giveaway. We are hosting this, because we know each other this summer for 5 years, and that has to be celebrated. Daphne and I know each other from the moment that I responded on her quest for guestbloggers. I was quite new to blogging and thought that being a guestblogger would be really nice. So I messaged Daphne, and after a couple of days I got accepted! And now, 5 years later, I am still making blog posts for Daphne her blog. Her blog is more beauty and entertainment orientated (she writes in Dutch) and I add some DIY and crafting creativity to it.

giveaway complete box

This picture above shows what you can win! We created a box full of goodies, related to ourselves and our websites. We have a manicure set, a brush cleaner, hairclips, cute strawberry lights, and an electric facial cleaner. How cool is that!

giveaway facial cleaner

How to enter this giveaway?

Of course you want to know how you are able to have a change of winning this giveaway. You can not enter via my website. We decided to have one post where you can enter this giveaway, namely the giveaway post on Daphne her blog! Important is that this giveway is Dutch citizen only. You have to react on that post to enter the giveaway officially. Though I will still share the information on what to to more here:

  1. Follow @daphnelippmann on Instagram
  2. Follow @yvonnebruincom or @yvonne_xx_ on Instagram (both allowed, of course;))
  3. Leave a comment on Daphne her blog to let us know that you are participating, together with which account you follow us.
  4. (+1) Follow both Daphne and Yvonne on Facebook.
  5. (+1) Share our giveaway on social media (story, post, etc.). Don’t forget to make your account public and to tag us!

When you have done the (mandatory) points, all that’s left is to wait! We will announce the winner of this giveaway on our social media two weeks after this post comes online (12 September, 12 noon CET). We will also send the winner a personal message (mail or DM). If there is still no response after 48 hours, we will draw a new winner. And remember, you cannot enter the giveaway by only messaging us underneath this blog post.

Then for now, good luck with this giveaway and hopefully we can make one of you happy with this amazing goodiebox!


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