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The Watch NOW

.The Watch Now.

A watch to stay connected with the moments, right now. In this review: Fine collection, Forest Green.(€49,95).

I try to live in the moment a lot of times. I do this by putting away my camera and/or phone and enjoy the feeling I have with the people around me and where I am. Something more people could and actually should do. Capturing every moment is not everything, especially when you have not enjoyed the moment enough at that time. I started with this enjoying when I discovered I was not always fully there. Something less lucky is that I always wear my watch. I wear this for its purpose, but also as an accessory. It always completes my outfit, but sometimes it makes me busy looking at the time instead of enjoying the time.

My new watch

The Watch Now send me their ‘watches’. Watches that only mention ‘NOW’, instead of the actual time. This way wearing a watch is not only fashionable, it also reminds you of the fact that you should live in the moment. A lovely message and definitely something to think about in this busy world around us.

I received a watch from their so called ‘fine line’. With a wrist band a little bit smaller than their other watches. This watch also had my favorite color: green!

I started wearing it during work. I was used to work with the time, but sometimes by knowing the time it moves slower. During this day I had the ritualized movement of looking at my watch. But this time I was not able to see the time, though it reminded me to enjoy the moment and my day. It helped me to realize why I like it to work there and why I like it to work at all.

The watch has a lot of details. Engraved in the golden metal you can find the word ‘now’ and on the back of the ‘clock’ the words ‘live in the moment’ are engraved. these details speak to my heart. It shows that this product has not been created quickly, but there has been thought about a lot of details!

My Thoughts

What an experience! And what a quality! First of all I would like to mention that living without time, while being remembered about enjoying time, is super nice. It gives rest and fun. No need to rush and the ability to create memorable moments. I had not expected that I would like it so much, because I am quite a control-freak. By wearing this watch sometimes I remember to live NOW.

You get this watch in an extremely luxurious box if you ask me. A flip over box, with a magnet, holding the watch and keeping it safe. On the inside of the box there is a sweet and inspirational message for the receiver. About enjoying the now. You can easily take the item out of it’s box and remove the security plastic foils. Yes, your watch is protected very well. At the beginning the leather was a little bit stiff, which I was not used to because my other watch is from metal. But I think this is quite normal for leather watches. While wearing it it will get more flexible.

Do I like it? I think the answer is quite clear: yes, I definitely like this product. It is very new for me and it inspires me a lot. Therefore I could really recommend this watch to everyone who wants to live in the now a little bit more sometimes.

Do you have any experience with products like this?

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