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From Zandvoort to Haarlem by bike

Hey Haarlem!

I went to Haarlem by bike. I started at the place I was staying for my holidays, quite near to Haarlem: Zandvoort aan Zee. So it was a fun idea to bike from there to the nearest city. My parents mapped the route and I followed. We took the OV-bikes (bikes from the public transport company) at Zandvoort station and went into the dunes.

The amount of nature around this beach area is enormous. You can hike and cycle through it. Even by train you cross this beautiful landscape. And when the nature is over, you are already at you destination: Haarlem. Meanwhile you are also passing some lovely villages with some amazing architecture and big houses!

The building you see here is so mysterious. The dead tree with the enormous mansion behind it almost feel like a scary movie location. I wonder what the house is being used for. There are also some animals in the grass, which I always find so adorable! My mouth opened when we passed this house. This building can be found at the west side of Haarlem, it is in the area of Elswout. This land is beautiful. In this area there is amazing nature with buildings like this. I could really recommend you to take this spot into your route.

The city of Haarlem

Haarlem is lovely. Quite cozy and a lot of fun stores! It is a bit like Amsterdam, though quite smaller. This makes it a city to explore in one or two days. There are a lot of museums, nature, cute streets and cute stores. There are some small local stores in Haarlem too that offer very qualitative products. Like Puc, a handcrafted leather bag store. Her products are super cute!

What city do you like?

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