Review .Ecological Deodorant from Lekkerineenpotje.

Written by Yvonne
deodorant eco lekkerineenpotje

.Natural Deodorant.

Lekkerineenpotje offers plant-based deodorant for €7.49!

This product is an example of why I love it to receive a Goodiebox. Finding new brands and new products that I have never used before. Especially when these brands are a little bit less known and create amazing products. The special kinds of products do also deserve a spot here on my blog. So, today is another day where I share new and interesting products with you: a natural, plant based deodorant from Lekkerineenpotje! The brand name means Delicious in a jar, so let’s see if this deo is actually as delicious for my armpits as hoped!

Usage: Take a pea-sized amount on your finger and spread it over your (dry) armpit.

Quick website information: Creme deodorant based on baking soda, coconut oil and shea butter. Prevents odors without clogging your pores. 100% plant based and of course not tested on animals.

My Thoughts

There is no scent connected to this deodorant. This is something I actually miss. I have to mention that since I (probably) had the coronavirus, my smell ability is as good as gone. Therefore, testing if this deodorant works was quite hard. ‘Luckily’ I am amble to smell the scent of sweat very softly.

The first times I tested this deodorant it worked amazingly. The weather was good enough for a little bit sweat, but not too much. Usually I have hard times to find a deodorant that actually works for me, since my puberty finding the right deodorant is quite hard. When the days got hotter and I had to work I started to smell something quite weird. This scent was not sweat and nothing like I ever smelled before. I realized that this was me. Though I know, from others, that I did not smell like sweat much. So this scent was really something from my ‘corona’-nose. But the deodorant works!

At the beginning I also had some skin rash. My skin is very sensitive, so sometimes it reacts to products. It was not itchy or something and I was not sure if it really was caused by the deodorant. After using the deodorant a while they went away!

I am happy with this new product! It is easy and small to take with me, and the product works! Unfortunately this one does not have any scent, but online there is a lot of deodorant available with scents too. Hopefully when my smell is alright again, the weird scent will go away. I know now that this is really something of my own.

Have you ever tried such a deo? Which deo is your favorite to use?


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