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Ocean Mist hair spray from Lavish Care – Beauty product review

Ocean Mist

An ocean mist hair spray for a beachy look.

€9,90 from Lavish Lare

ocean mist bottle

As I told before, I love the beach. And by visiting the beach, my hair gets some structure due to the salt in the air. This structure is extremely useful for some volume. Today I would like to share a new beauty product of mine: a hair ocean mist. This hair spray is meant to create beachy hair, without being at the ocean! Definitely a product I could like I would say.

The ocean mist claims to enhance the texture of your hair and give nice beach waves to it. The combination of added vitamin E and natural sea salt will help to reduce oiliness and add some extra volume to your hair. I have never used a product like this before, but it always had my interest. So I put it to the test and want to share my thoughts!


after ocean mist hair spray lavish care

My thoughts

Before usage I washed my hair and let it dry by air. This is how I usually dry my hair. Most of the time I use some frizz controlling product to tame my frizz a little bit. Curls are always ‘difficult’ when it comes to frizz. Still I wanted to test this product without any other product in my hair.

On the left picture you can see my hair before usage. The right picture is after usage. I found it quite hard to really capture the difference. It seems like a little change, but in real life the ocean mist actually did something! I had more volume in my hair and it really felt like I just came back from the beach. Something quite nice too is the smell. I do not exactly know how to describe it, but it is really soothing. A warm, cozy smell (like herbs) with some freshness to it. I think I have never smelled something like this before.

My hair god very frizzy during the day, so I tried using it with my other products. Luckily, the effect remained but with less frizz. I have to mention that this ocean mist could make your hair a little bit more frizzy, but it also keeps it very soft still textured. It just gives the look something extra!

Do I recommend the ocean mist?

Yes, I do! If you like the feeling of beach hair, this ocean mist is definitely something for you. For me it reminds me of all the times I went to the beach. Especially the days which were quite windy and ended with some hot chocolate. But it also gives me summer feelings.

Regarding the price, quality and amount I am quite pleased. For a product under 10 euros you get 300 ml, which is quite a lot. Also, the claims are true. You do get less oily hair with a lot of (naturally) added volume. Since I have it I use it almost every day!

I was able to test this product, because I am a subscriber of the Goodiebox in which I received this! Also interested in receiving a box? I can give you €5,- off your first box with this link (every member has such a link and gets a free box whenever someone new subscribes via it)!


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