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Valquer Shampoobar – sustainable product review

A shampoobar.

A green goodsmelling bar from Valquer (€12).

I have always had an interest in shampoobars. The first time I saw products like these was on the Dutch Design Week about 4 years ago. At that time sustainability was vague and options to help the environment were quite unknown. Therefore I am glad that products like a shampoobar finally hit the market! In today’s article I will discuss my opinions on using a product like this and how the Valquer shampoobar works!


My thoughts

As I mentioned before I was not familiar with products like these. But now was my time to test it! With my shampoobar in my hand I went into the shower. Luckily I already heard from other people how to use a product like this. Because it is definitely different from a regular shampoo. With some water I ‘activated’ the soap and it started bubbling in my hands. I was wondering wether the amount of shampoo would be enough for my amount of hair. But when rubbing my hands in my hair, like with normal shampoo, it was starting to foam!

After usage I brushed my hair and dried it with a towel. When my hair was completely dry it was super soft! I love my hair like this! And I really do believe that this shampoobar caused it. So that’s an extremely plus.

After usage I put the shampoobar on a rack in my shower. I do not have a can yet for storage and transportation but I will probably buy one soon. A bar like this is not only amazing to use, it is also very smalband therefore amazing to take with you while traveling! And because there is no liquid in it you can also take it with you in your hand luggage. And no fears for leaking liquids near your clothes!

I am a fan! You? The bars smells good and gives me the desired result. Have you ever tried a shampoobar? What are your thoughts?

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