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.MOYU Notebooks – Erasable Notebook of stonepaper.

.MOYU Notebooks.

A re-usable notebook, due to strong stonepaper with the ability of erasing everything (€34,95)

If you are a regular reader of my website, you probably know that I like innovative products, especially when they are connected to sustainability. This product is even more excited, because it connects to my notebook collection. I use notebooks super often, especially for taking notes for my study (like a dummie). I have learned to take my notebook with me, everywhere. So, a sustainable variant on it sounds like music in my ears.

The combination of writing with a pen and the thicker stone paper provides a more comfortable writing experience than normal paper. Due to the erasable character of the thicker, water-repellent stone paper, each page is infinitely erasable with a damp cloth. The high quality that the stonepaper is made of ensures complete erasability in one swipe, even after notes have been left for months.


The MOYU Notebooks have several (quite thick) pages. At the beginning you have a page to write down your to-do tasks, you have a one week calendar, a lot of lined paper and lastly there are also two white papers and three dotted papers. Usually I use a lot of dotted paper notebooks, because they are perfect for writing and sketching at the same time. And I also contacted this to MOYU, with the tip that designers like me prefer such pages. And I got an exciting response: they are also working on products with different kinds of content! I am already super excited about that!

.Write, Done, Erase.

As I mentioned, you can erase your pen notes easily. With a piece of wet fabric you can swipe away all the mistakes or even complete notes. Doing this saves so much waste comparing it to full notebooks which are left un-used afterwards. If you really want to save a note you can always make a picture of it and save it on your computer/tablet. This specific element together with the strong characteristics of stonepaper (yes, paper made from stone), MOYU Notebooks are quite special and innovative. I was familiar with a notebook containing very glossy paper. As if it was a whiteboard. The way the stonepaper and the pen interact almost feels like writing on normal paper.

.The notebook-set.

When you order a notebook from MOYU, you will receive the notebook (of course), a special pen, a pen-holding element that you can stick in your notebook and a wipe. These products are designed to work well together. This means that you cannot write with a normal pen on the stonepaper. For the best results in writing and erasing. The pen-holder is also very useful. Since, I do not like it to search for my pens every time I want to write soemthing.

.My Thoughts.

I really like this notebook and I think I will get so much use out of it. It is a super nice innovative product that can really help the environment regarding waste production. I do like the quality of the notebook too. It feels really sturdy and strong and I do not feel like breaking it easily. Next to that, I am already looking forward to their new developments regarding contents.

What do you think of MOYU Notebooks?

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