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.MUDMASKY ® – Leave-me-on Autumn Mask.

As promised I tested the MUDMASKY Leave-me-on autumn face mask. I received this product in the JouwBox of August, which was full of products related to health. Because I had never heard of a leave-on mask I was excited to test it out myself. Next to the idea of a leave-me-on mask, I also never tried a product from MUDMASKY myself.

In this article of today I will discuss my thoughts on this exciting new product. Enjoy!

tube opening mudmasky facial mask


Your skin needs special care after a hot summer, because it has lost a lot of moisture due to the sun and heat. In addition, your skin also produces the most oil in the summer. In short, it is exhausted after a hot summer and needs some rest. MUDMASKY® has succeeded in creating a water-based recipe with moisture-retaining (Anthemis Nobilis Flower) and wound-healing (chamomilla Recutita Flower) flowers. This mask helps to restore your skin and moisturize it for up to 8 hours!

40 ml – €39 (

How is the usage of this MUDMASKY leave-on mask?

As I mentioned before, I had never used this kind of product before. Hence, I was quite nervous when I first tried it. What would happen to my skin? Can I wear this product with make-up on-top? Will it have a ‘mask’ effect? There were a lot of questions and to find answers I decided to use it.

The product size is quite alright in my opinion. It is easy to take with me, easy in usage, and the time to empty the item seemed not that extremely long. Sometimes you have products that feel like a never ending tube, which could be a pro and a con at the same time. And not to forget, the tube looks adorable. With the graphic leaves it gives the autumn vibes and the white feels clean and fresh.

The actual mask looks clean and fresh too. It is a very transparent substance with a green tint, which shows that it will not be visible when wearing. Quite important I guess. You take a small amount (not as much as a usual mask) and spread it over your face. I did that in the same way as I usually smear my moisturizers. The product gets into the skin quickly and stays a bit tacky for a while. This tackiness is super nice for make-up! I always encounter longer wear time whenever a primer has that tacky feeling. After wearing, you just take it off with your make-up remover.

I will not mention the scent in this review, because my nose is still not working properly.

mudmasky face mask leave-me-on swatch

My thoughts on MUDMASKY

I tested this product for some time after I washed my face and before I put on my makeup. Throughout the day my skin felt soft and clear. Next to that, my make-up stayed on quite some time too! I have to mention that after wearing the product for some days in a row, my skin started to show some pimples. Usually, I do not have a lot of pimples. I wanted to see if the pimples were actually caused by this product. So, when I stopped using this face mask, my pimples went away.

I have some mixed feelings about this interesting (new) product from MUDMASKY. I like the usage, the idea and the initial effects. Nevertheless, when I use this product multiple days in a row, my skin reacts to it (as it seems). With that in mind I will continue using the product, but just once a week for example. I think this will give me a better result.

thoughts on mudmasky leave-me-on autumn mask

To answer my questions: The mask does not feel like a mask on my face, it will leave my skin smooth during the day and I can definitely wear make-up on top of it. It feels like a good primer, but then a little bit extra for my skin.

Have you ever tried a Leave-me-on mask before?


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