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.NU-IN High Waist Cycling Shorts Review.

.Sustainable Active wear.

I discovered NU-IN as an affordable sustainable brand, especially regarding active wear. Today I review their High Waist Cycling Shorts (€29,99).

After my latest article on sustainable active wear I decided to order a cycling shorts from NU-IN. I needed some new active wear, because I sport more than before and the washing machine cannot handle all of it. So, to stretch the amount of washing, I decided to purchase new active wear. Another fun fact is that this item is the first ever sustainable fashion item from a sustainable fashion brand, I ever purchased.

What is the NU-IN sustainable quality?

The shorts are made from 95% recycled polyamide and 5% elastane. Luckily, recycled does not mean downcycled (also not upcycled). The fabric feels extremely strong. I love this fabric quality for active wear. Hugging my body and supporting me while I am working out. When wearing these shorts it does not feel like breaking, which is amazing!

On the label of the item you can find some icons regarding the sustainability of the item. Not all icons are applicable, but some are. If a term is unknown, you can find more information about it on the website of NU-IN. An extra detail is that the label is connected to the item with a safety pin, which also means less plastic.

The packaging is also made from recycled paper and the plastic cover of the item is biodegradable! I love it that the brand takes their mission into all the details.

Some details of this NU-IN item

Some very interesting details are some lines on the legs of the cycling shorts. With these lines NU-IN creates a unique design element. They make the item just a little bit more special than the regular cycling shorts you see regularly. Next to that, the place en creation of the logo are very nice too. It is so subtle and clean that I do not mind it. It seems like the fabric is bleached or something at that particular spot, or they used white threads very neatly.

I only have one issue regarding these shorts, which you can see at the image above. The elastics at the bottom of the shorts are quite tights fitting. I do have some bigger upper legs and they always make jeans/trouser fitting more difficult for me. I did not expect this to happen with active wear much. Although they are tight, I feel like they loosen up more while wearing, which gives me hope for the future. This is the only ‘bad’ fitting part from this NU-IN item. I used the fit-guide of their website (I can recommend really adding your measured sizes) and it resulted in an S, and it fits exactly the way I want my active wear bottoms to fit!

Am I a fan?

From this one item I can say I am a fan! It is that I do not need anything particularly now, but not only the quality and price of this item speak to me. I am also a fan of the overall aesthetics of NU-IN. All their items have natural colors, which means that the items would fit everyone’s wardrobes. Also their new collections are of my interest, so when I am in need of something I will definitely consider ordering here again!

Have you ever ordered sustainable active wear? Please let me know in the comments what you think of this NU-IN item and if the NU-IN brand is a brand where you would like to order something! One last important note: they ship worldwide, so be aware of possible taxes (information per country is known by the government).

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