.Oolaboo Natural White Toothpaste.

Written by Yvonne


This natural white toothpaste from Oolaboo has been put to the test!


With the August box of JouwBox I received this natural white toothpaste. I knew there were some natural toothpastes, though in my mind they were pastes in a container instead of in a tube. It made me really curious to use, especially also because it mentioned to be flavored with lemon taste!

A toothpaste enriched with lime flavor, 100% vegan, gluten-free and developed for effective cleaning of the teeth and gums. There is no SLS and fluoride in this toothpaste. Instead, it contains an organic coconut oil, which acts as a natural ‘cleaner’ and whitens your teeth. The natural composition gives you an antibacterial effect, strengthens the teeth and prevents inflamed gums and tooth decay.

.My thoughts on the Oolaboo Toothpaste.

I have to say, I only tested this product once. Not because I thought I already knew everything about it. I was very interested and it all looked very promising, hence I tested it quickly after receiving. Posting about the product a month later might already give a clue. Because I was not sure to post it. This is because I was not very happy with the toothpaste..

When testing this toothpaste it felt like I was brushing my tooth with some dry clay or something. It felt so lumpy and the taste was not favorable too. I actually completely missed the lemon flavor too. It really gave me the feeling as if I was actually using a natural product (if you know what I mean).

I do not want to speak bad about such an innovative product. I really appreciate products that are sustainable/natural replacements of products everyone uses (daily). So I feel bad and sorry that this product is not yet a fit for me.

Have you ever used natural ingredient toothpaste?

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