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.DIY a Terracotta flower pot from a vintage one.

terracotta flower pot

For this article I was inspired by a video post on Facebook from Tastemade Home. In the video they upgraded vintage/old pots into ‘new’ Terracotta flower pots! I am a complete fan of upgrading vintage items into something that might fit your interior better. Terracotta-like colors do fit extremely well in my interior, so I had to try this out! Together with a friend of mine we searched for different pot sizes in some vintage stores in Eindhoven. We succeeded the best at Dorcas, which is a bit further from the city center.

Enjoy this easy DIY and get inspired!

What do you need to create a terracotta flower pot?

  • Old flower pots
  • Brushes
  • Table cover
  • Acrylic paint
  • Baking Soda
  • Mixing sticks
  • Brushes
terracotta flower pot paint mixture

.Step 1.

Mix the baking soda with the acrylic paint. Nifty mentioned that it should fizz a little. Though when we did it, that did not happen. Be aware, because mixing both activates quick drying!

.Step 2.

It is time to paint! As you can see on the picture, the brush strokes are very visible. This is quite cool to play with. Think about creating swirls, lines, diagonals, etc. By doing this, each terracotta flower pot can look different. Don’t forget to paint a bit from the inside too.

.The results.

I am super happy with how the flower pots turned out. They fit very well in my home and I had a new excuse to buy a new plant too *oops*. This DIY is super easy and an amazing way to be able to upgrade old pots. I decided to use nature colors. Combining those colors with the terracotta effect of the paint creates a nature product effect, which I like. We were a little bit afraid to paint on pots fully from glass, hence we bought pots that were ceramics. That worked really well (even the glossy ones).

And do you see how quickly you can do this upgrade?! The part that took the most time was the shopping part of the vintage pots. Of course, you do not HAVE to purchase ‘new’ pots. This DIY is amazing for pots you already have at home but do not like anymore. Upgrading own pots helps with re-using own products instead of purchasing new ones with the same effect.


Please share your own upgrades (from vintage to terracotta flower pots) with me on social media!

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