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Tips .Sustainable Active wear Brands.

After I (probably) have had COVID-19, my energy level dropped into negativity. Even walking to the supermarket was too much. It also affected my knee injury more. To be able to change this and feel fit again I started sporting. Quite intensively actually. I try to exercise at least 5 days a week. Could be a lesson of the gym, but also long cycling routes count for me. With this amount of exercise I was in desperate need of active wear. Usually I am a fan of Pink Soda or H&M, though regarding my sustainability goals I felt I needed to look further. And that was also the inspiration for this article! Today I will share with you some active wear brands that produce in a sustainable way. And one of them is surprisingly affordable!

Pure By Luce

Pure by Luce
Charo Black - BH-top €69,- || Image Source:
Shourouk Marrakech - Printed Short €69,- || Image Source:

Pure By Luce is an active wear brand inspired by traveling and focused on sustainability and stylish women. They already have products inspired by Mexico, Marrokko and South-Africa. The prints are designed by local talents, which is a very nice add to the sustainability aspect of the products. Something very nice is their sustainability report. Here they share insights in the production and materials, for everyone to read when interested. Their products are mainly from recycled materials and they produce and source materials and products in Europe!

Their prints look very cool, as well as the shapes of their products. The price point is a little bit high for me as a student. But I think it is not an unfair price for their commitment to sustainability.


nu-in active wear
One Shoulder Sports Bra €34,99 || High Waist Mesh Leggings €49,99 || Image Source:
nu-in active wear joggers
Ribbed Bra Top €24,99 || High Waist Oversized Joggers €39,99 || Image Source:

This brand is focussed on social and environmental sustainability. They originated in 2019, so it is a very young company still. NU-IN believes in a better future and: “We just want to show the world that affordable fashion and sustainability can coexist.”. They are very transparent about their production and materials. Next to that, each item has a couple of icons that will help understanding the sustainability of the item. The company does not only produce active wear, they also provide lounge wear and regular clothing items! And one of my favorite aspects is, NU-IN shows that it is possible to have sustainable items for quite a low price-point. I am a fan of their aesthetics, and therefore I also ordered an item of their web-shop! When I receive this I will also write about it. My first ever sustainable active wear!

WOLVEN Active Wear

wolven active wear
Image Source:

What they say: “Make sustainability Sexy”. I am all in for that! Wolven creates very extravagant active wear. Their prints are actually amazing and their material usage is recycled. And they do not even offer active wear alone. Wolven also provides bikinis, lounge wear and more. And if products are not enough, they also have a positive minded blog to inspire everyone visiting their website. The team of Wolven consist of activist who truly believe in a world with less plastic. They even show some numbers of plastic use in America and how they get ‘rid’ of it. Next to that, they are very transparent about the factories and garment workers who make their items.

This is the most expansive brand in today’s article, but the mission and transparency are amazing.


boody active wear
Active Full Leggings now $32.95 || Image source:
Racerback Sports Bra $39.95 || Image source:

Less fan of prints? Than Boody is exactly what you are looking for. They have very basic active wear for women. They also offer other products, and even have products for man available. Boody shares their achievements regarding sustainability on their website and it is quite one already! With their production and Bamboo materials they are doing very well already. On their website you can find more information regarding their sustainability efforts and of course their products. And let’s mention their adorable logo! It really fits their products and website in my opinion.

Ther prices of their products is more of what I would pay as a student. And now they even have some products on sale, so that might be interesting too!

My Thoughts

I need more active wear, because I sport more than I used to before. Having the possibility to buy sustainable active wear speaks to my heart. I am especially fan of the aesthetics and products from NU-IN. So follow me for updates upon my order! I am aware of the higher price point of sustainable brands, though I think these brands offer items at a quite ‘doable’ price. Especially because there are also some very cool prints. I do think this is very nice, because I do not like plain black or grey outfits myself. Having a colorful top or legging is amazing!

Are you willing to buy sustainable active wear?


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