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.David Attenborough: A life on our Planet Documentary.

David Attenborough is famously known in my generation, and I assume in others too. I grew up with him having the main voice in almost every nature documentary I watched. And I have to say, I have seen many. Nature inspires me, hence documentaries about nature always grab my attention. To see how wonderful the world is, is absolutely eye opening. Unfortunately, more documentaries arise where nature is being destroyed by us; humans. It is really painful to see all the suffering as a result of humans actions. In a new documentary David Attenborough also shares his emotions regarding the falling world, and you really see that he is hurting.

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.David Attenborough and Nature.

With his 93 years on the planet he discovered amazing places and shared them with us. But he has also seen the world changing and breaking down. In his early 20’s he already had the opportunity to fly to the other sides of the world and show us the amazing species and people living there. This documentary is different. With the well known calm, but now also urgent, voice David Attenborough makes a witness statement over the last decades. It is not like any other earth documentary he has made. This time he shows what human (planning) mistakes have caused.

.Change is needed.

With all the warning documentaries around us, A life on our Planet creates a different message. Yes, we have made mistakes. And making mistakes is human. Though, we need to work on resolving the problems those mistakes have created. And without pinpointing to the viewer and saying that everything is wrong, David Attenborough proposes ways to fix the world and give it back to nature more. A lot of these proposals are already happening on small scale and doing it all over the world needs some effort, but it is definitely possible!

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With eye opening statements and footage, he shows what the world will look like 100 years later from now. I already knew it was going the wrong direction, though I was not aware of the quite short time span. 100 years is short if you look at the lifetime of earth till now. It was painful to see all the world’s deterioration, and to think it is caused by its smartest species.


What can we do? We can educate ourselves, look at our current behavior and see where change is possible, and we can inspire and educate others to do the same. With this, hopefully larger organizations will be able to make a world-wide change.

I think this film was amazing. The testimony David Attenborough shares with us is shocking. And by making this film he makes a statement, that in my opinion should be seen by everyone. What I would recommend you to do right now: open Netflix and watch this beautiful documentary/film alone or with others. And think about his message.

Have you already seen David Attenborough: A life on our Planet?

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