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.New Finaste Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings.

In the past I wasn’t busy with my jewelry that much. I had my standard earrings, or the same in another color. And also for my necklaces and bracelets I constantly was wearing the same items. Of course that is not a bad thing, because I also felt overdressed if I was wearing a lot of bold items together or multiple jewelry. I think since 4 or 5 years my jewelry collection is slowly growing. And luckily I added three new items to it last week! Finaste send me a necklace, a bracelet and earrings. Today I will share the items with you, together with my thoughts and supported by dreamy pictures!


.Constellation Necklace Sagittarius Gold.

As you might be able to guess from this necklace, my constellation is Sagittarius. And I am a proud one! The characteristics of this constellation are also the same as my personality, therefore I feel really connected to it. I never owned something of a Sagittarius. Maybe this item is a start of a whole new collection, haha. Finaste offers necklaces, bracelets and earrings from all constellations.

The necklace has a charm of the Sagittarius sign and the necklace itself has small spheres all over it. This way the charm can not move towards the closing mark. The item does not feel super strong, but also not as if it would break while wearing. Sometimes the closing mark is at the front and the charm on the back, but well, that happens. I think these kinds of items of Finaste are very cute and I really like wearing my necklace!

Constellation Necklace Sagittarius Gold – €14,95

.Earrings Mixed Chain Gold.

With the growth of my jewelry collection I am also having more and more earrings that I can change. And those new earrings become longer/bigger too! Finaste offers a lot of different earrings. Chains, Charms, small, big, hoops. They have a lot. I chose these long golden chain earrings, because they are something I have not seen a lot before.

The earrings feel very good quality. They feel strong, also the chain itself. When you want to wear the earrings it gets a bit harder, because the closing spot is quite stiff to open. It is something to get used to, but not a bad thing. I like to wear these earrings together with a turtle neck for elongation. Next to that you can wear them both chic and cool.

Earrings Mixed Chain Gold – €14,95

.Switch Bracelet Twisted Gold.

Finally, I also got this amazing twisted bracelet. I chose this item specifically, because I wanted to wear it next to my previous received Finaste bracelet. This is a chain one, so another chain might not fit well. When I saw this twisted bracelet I was sold! It is quite chunky but also very elegant. This way it fits with all my outfits. And it also looks so nice together with my other Finaste bracelet.

The bracelet feels super strong. I was afraid that the twist might cause some hair getting stuck, but until now that has not happened yet, luckily. If you want to close it yourself you have to test it. Due to the twist it is a little bit less flexible. After some practice I can easily close it myself. I really love the bracelet and it’s quality and I will definitely get a lot of wear out of it.

Switch Bracelet Twisted Gold – €14,95

.My thoughts on these Finaste Jewelry.

I knew from my previous Finaste order that the quality of their items is very good. The gold color is not from real gold, but it stays on very well. I wear some items every day (not in the shower) and they remained beautiful until now. When you look at the price and quality I think it is a fair pricing. Not too expensive and also not too cheap. The order also ships very quickly, so if you need something within a couple of days, Finaste hadn’t let me down!

I really love my new items and will get a lot of wear out of them! And I also have something for YOU! Because with my code (YVONNE15) you can now get 15% off your order!

Which item is your favorite?

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