.Gift guide for unique presents this holiday season.

Written by Yvonne

November and December are the two gift months in The Netherlands. In The Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas (a bit like Santa, but he comes from Spain and brings presents to (especially) children) and some families also celebrate Christmas. Personally I like the fun of Sinterklaas a lot since a lot of presents are delivered with a nice poem.

Today I want to share with you some unique gifts that you can ask/give during this time of the year! So if you need some (last minute) inspiration, this post is made for you.

.Leeff products.

The products of Leeff are inspired by moments that really matter, a message which is amazing for this gift season. Moments that feel so good and you want to keep forever. That’s what their products want to provide. With the quotes on their stylish black vial with wooden cap give a smile on your face (right). The Leeff care line consists of a hand soap, dish soap, shower gel and shampoo. They offer two scents (Minty Moments & Fabulous Fig) that are great for both men and women to use. But Leeff also has other amazing lifestyle products like the make-up bag on the left image.

Discover the products here! You cannot shop them there, but you can find their salespoints here (select Leeff at brands).

Images are from the press release

.Shortlist Amsterdam (green).

Want a unique coffee table book? This item is what you are looking for as a gift! Shortlist Amsterdam already published a lot of different Shortlist books (maybe some extra gift inspiration) about food and drinks connected to Amsterdam. Their green edition is about great Amsterdam restaurants, who share their best greens recipes. From Café Modern’s heart-warming potato gnocchi and Zoldering’s roasted cauliflower to Choux’s spectacular tomato salad. The amazing pictures in the book make it to a unique coffee table book. On top of that the recipes are amazing to make yourself!

11 restaurants, 46 greens recipes for €32,- at the Shortlist Amsterdam website!

Images are from the press release

.Notebook set.

Personally I have a lot of notebooks. You would definitely make me happy with another one. And Sissy Boy has something amazing! They offer matching notebooks with a standing cover to store them. This will look amazing on your desk or table! And if the books are full, you can use the cover for storing other things as well. Maybe even with some plastic inside you can upgrade it to a plant pot!

A6 notebook set of 3, €12,9910,39 from Sissy Boy.

Images are from Sissy Boy

.Unique tableware.

I am in the age of people moving out or moving in together. And next to that I personally love unique tableware. I also like it a lot to purchase tableware for friends when I give them a gift. Especially things like cake stand or (handmade) bowls are things that differ and make the table lay-out new and unique! A great gift I would say!

Cake stand SØSTRENE GRENE €3,48


Images are from SØSTRENE GRENE

.Something self-made.

Of course, the most unique gift is one that you made yourself (and sometimes this doesn’t cost that much too!). You can easily paint something or create something that matches someone’s interests. Maybe the one you want to make a gift for loves tattoos. Than you can make or create a poster with a design they like a lot for example. Or you make them a self-sewn pillow!

I hope I inspired you today with some unique gift ideas. I want to wish you an amazing holiday season even though we celebrate it differently this year due to COVID-19. Make sure to be there for your loved ones, even when it is on a distance. Not able to meet people? Send them a gift or even a card. It will brighten their day and it will make us feel more together.

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