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.Give your mother some extra love with this personal present from DRKS.

I do not live with my parents anymore constantly and therefore I feel that my bond has changed with them. It is more adulty and the connection is better/stronger I believe. One of the things I like to do now is to give them presents sometimes. I already did that once with a beautiful print from our trip to China and now I surprised my mother with a special gift from DRKS!

DRKS offers jewelry for mothers and daughters, among other things. They have a variety of bracelets for example from which I was able to choose one for me and my mother. I chose a bracelet with three colored stones in pink with a silver color bracelet. And I personalized the giftbox with the quote ‘like mother, like daughter ♥’ since I see a lot of my mother back in myself.

DRKS offer a lot of different colorways for their mother and daughter bracelets. Personally I liked this pink one the most since it fits with a lot of jewelry I already wear and next to that, the pink color matches with a lot of different outfits. This way you can easily wear this bracelet a lot of times.

The packaging is super nice. The cardboard box with the textual card and the bracelet pointing out of it look stylish and a message in the corner is easy to understand in my opinion.

Giving this present to my mom was very special! Now we both have something that connects us even more. Something really nice too is that you can easily order different sizing. You can even have a bracelet in a size for a baby. So mother and newborn have a matching piece of jewelry!

Especially in times like these, such presents can mean a lot. We might not always see each other, but by giving something like this, we always have each other close by. And, of course, we do not always have to buy jewelry to show people you think about them. You can also give people a random call or send them a card.

Let’s show the love, even if its just a small gesture!

By the way, today it’s my moms birthday! Happy Birthday mom, see you soon!

DRKS Mother&Daughter bracelets

€45,00 for 2 bracelets (€65 for 3 bracelets)

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