.Celebrate Christmas with JouwBox December ’20.

Written by Yvonne

It is almost Christmas, more and more advent calendars are being given and opened. But also the subscription boxes think about this festive season! JouwBox contacted me again if I wanted to receive their December box. And since the August box was such a success I said yes! This article will consist of all the products in the JouwBox of the December 2020 release. Each product will be supported with pictures and a description of the product.

This December box is composed by Ralph Moorman and Juglen Zwaan. They combined 12 products into one box from food, to lifestyle and beauty. If you order the box now you will even get an 13th product (worth €19,50 from Mudmasky)! Some new thing about this box is the recipe card which is included. Ralph and Juglen added ingredients in the box from which you can make pancakes for example.


.Rude Health – Almond Drink.

€1,69 || Ekoplaza

This is the first ingredient belonging to the recipe card. This almond drink is pure in its ingredients and enjoyable through the smoothness of the drink. You can use it in your coffee or, as the recipe card shows, in cookies and pancakes. Almond drink is also vegan, since it is made from almonds, rice, sunflower oil and mountain sourced water.

I have never tried almond milk myself before, since I always felt like it would taste like almonds a lot. Receiving it in a box like this enables me to test it! I will combine it into the recipe!

.Olive-art – Bio olive oil.

€6,95 || Olive-art

This is a type of product you wouldn’t immediately expect in a subscription box which is not per-se about food. Despite that, I feel like these kinds of products are amazing to receive. I am a student, who loves to cook, but never tries other (olive) oils than the ones from the supermarket itself. This is for multiple reasons: I do think they are quite expensive, and why changing a winning team.

This oil in particular already won several “Taste Awards” since it is from a high standard quality. Its originated from Rethymnon, Kreta, and cultivated in the best conditions. In contrast to most industrial oils, this oil is not refined and cold pressed. This preserves the valuable contents.

.Reboot je gezondheid in 24h.

€20,- || www.sap.je

I do not like reading a lot, but only if they are informative and educational books usually. This book it Dutch and is about rebooting your health within 24 hours. I do not think that this book is readable in 24 hours though, since it is quite thick. The book teaches you about the origins of what we eat, ingredients in care products, eat patterns, and so much more. It shines a light on how you might live now and how you can change into a more healthy behavior. A great fit in JouwBox!

I scanned through the book and will start reading it more in-depth when I finished my current book. I already saw some interesting chapters that I would definitely like to dive into!

.OOLABOO – Super Foodies Face Cleansingbar.

€14,95 || OOLABOO

The August box from JouwBox also contained a product from OOLABOO. It sounded super interesting, though, I was not that happy with it. It was a natural toothpaste. Though this time they came with a different kind of product and something I like! This is like a shampoobar, but then for your face! It is a mild cleaner that keeps the environment in mind. I had never seen a product like this before and it made me very enthusiastic!

This bar is made from coconut-oil and contains vitamin-E. This bar is perfect for cleaning your skin, without harming the natural protecting moisture barrier. It is even 100% soap free!

.We Smyle – non-fluoride – 40ml.

€5,99 || www.wesmyle.nl

I have always been interested in products like this. Will it really work and is it easy in usage? With these toothpaste tabloids you can brush your teeth in a new way. The glass bottle contains a lot of tabloids, and with only one you can brush your teeth. They are natural, vegan, plastic-, artificial ingredients- and fluoride-free!

My OOLABOO toothpaste test wasn’t a success, but this one is! They taste like mints and they feel more like toothpaste. I had to get used to the initial feeling in my mouth, but this vanishes while brushing. Ending up with ‘normal’ toothpaste in my mouth.

.Puur Mieke – Bakbananenmeel 200gr.

€3,99 || puurmarieke.nl

This is another part of the recipe: plantain flour! This flour is free of gluten from which you can make a lot of different things. The flour is made from unripe green plantains, which means they contain a high content of resistant starch (RS2). They get to your intestines undigested. This is very useful if you want to be more aware of your sugar-intake for example.

Together with the other ingredients I will make some cookies, for this upcoming festive season!

.We Love The Planet – Luscious Lime Deo Stick.

€9,95 || We Love The Planet (vegan)

I tested quite some ‘environment friendly’ deodorants already. Some work for me and others don’t. Therefore I am always a bit hesitant for using them, since I do not want to stink. Also because I do not smell sweat all that well (yet) I want to be extra careful. This deodorant contains 100% natural ingredients which makes it harmless for your body.

This deodorant contains the scent of lime, which smells super fresh! You push the carton at the bottom and the stick will go up for usage. It is almost like using a roll-deodorant. I like the scent and I feel like this deo works really well for me! Finally!

.Piroche Cosmetiques – Hand & Body wash.

€15,- || Piloucosmetics.shop

I was super enthusiastic about the Piroche product in the August JouwBox. And also this time I am very impressed. This product has an amazing fresh scent and it is made from natural ingredients! You can use it in the shower or as a hand-soap. Especially the last one is useful these days where we need to wash our hands so often.

The wash contains essential oils from thyme, sage and mint. Which cause an amazing scent and which are good for your body!

.Alteya Organics – Bio Rosewater.

€4,95 || alteyashop (code jouwbox for 10% off)

This bio rosewater is quite useful. It calms your skin, creates a flexible skin and causes youth. The qualities help also with scars, eczema, and more. You can add it to your skin using a cotton pad (or a more sustainable version of those of course) or you can spray it on.

I used it spraying, to set my make-up! This really helped, only the spray itself is not so misty. This way the water took some time to dry on my skin. For the time I used it right now I really like using it!

.Het Blauwe Huis – Ceylon Cinnamon.

€2,11 || hetblauwehuis.nl

The last ingredient of the JouwBox recipes! I love cinnamon, and put it almost everywhere where it is nice to have. I eat it in dinner, in my yoghurt, combine it with a cappuccino and I bake with it. Definitely an ingredient to have in your home!

This cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka and is the ‘real’ cinnamon, as people call it. Het Blauwe Huis offers a lot of spices and more and they cultivate it themselves. If they cannot do it themselves they purchase them from foreign countries where they can.

.Mudmasky – Serum Infused Eye Cream.

€49,- || mudmasky.com

My Mudmasky experience was not that great. Especially since I had 2 products already, with both the same smell. Which I found disgusting. Luckily, this mask smelled way better!

The mask is made for the area underneath the eyes. Especially since the skin is very thin and different from the rest of your face, it is important to take the right care for it. I combined the mask with a full face mask on the rest of my face. After usage my skin felt fresh and soft. Definitely going to use this JouwBox pearl again!

.Tea By Me – Van Gogh Tea.

€3,99 || teabyme.nl

I love Van Gogh and I love tea. This tea combines the two together into a soft flower-like tea taste. The tea is locally cultivated in The Netherlands and immediately crafted into dry tea. Which makes it a fresh product.

The tea is flowerly and cultivated in Zundert, where Vincent van Gogh has been born. The taste is very soft. I really like tea like this once in a while. I also like the looks of the packaging a lot. Very clean and very Dutch!

Extra this JouwBox .Mudmasky – Green.

€19,- || mudmasky.nl

This JouwBox we got surprised with an extra product! Also with the previous Mudmasky product in this article, this mask does not stink too! It is a real ‘mud’-mask which I always love! While using, it tickles a bit on the skin, but that is known and supposed to happen.

It is a short duration mask and when I took it off, my skin was super soft! I really love it actually! Since I have more masks now (also in tubes) I take two masks a week. To take some care of my skin, but also to relax a little bit. My master studies take a lot of my energy, so some me-time is very loved.

I would like to share some extra information about JouwBox that would clarify the amount of products, costs and memberships. On www.JouwBox.nl you can find more information and the ability to order boxes or take a membership.

Single box
Amount of products: 11
Retail value: €160
Available for €49,95

Member box
Amount of products: 11
Retail value: €160
Available for €39,95

As you can see, the member boxes are €10,- cheaper than ordering a single box. If you decide to take a membership, you can always stop/pause it at any moment. Something extra is that if you order today, you get the last product from this article (worth €19,-) free!

.My thoughts on JouwBox.

The same as my last article, I really like JouwBox. The quality of the products is really nice and you get quite a lot for the prize you pay. Of course I can imagine that a monthly pay might be a lot. But you can pause it at any moment, which opens up some flexibility.

Is such a box something for you?

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