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.Get inspired in sustainability with these 5 easy tips!.

As a follow-up on my last article about tips on living sustainable, this article is also meant to get you inspired to live more sustainable little by little. I believe that every small step can help and some steps do not even change your life radically. But sometimes sustainability gets a little bit too far in people’s identity. To read more about that, please check this article I wrote for UNID magazine. That article is meant to let you think about sustainability in a more critical way.

But for now, let’s share some interesting tips with you how you can inspire yourself more about living sustainable!

.Soap, soap, soap.

We use soap every day. To wash our hair, our body, our hands, our house, and so much more! Usually those soaps are in plastic bottles and kept liquid using a lot of water. A good way to get inspired in such situations is by looking back to the past, where hard soaps were used commonly. Last time I already pointed out the usage of shampoo-bars. This time I want to point our hand and body soap in a block! Bee Honest cosmetics creates soap blocks using beeswax. For very soft and clean hands, without much plastic waste! Also since their packaging is made as sustainable as possible.

.Every day sustainability inspiration.

Elke dag groener created a Dutch calendar where they share 365 days of inspiration and tips on living more sustainable. With short stories and some pictures they make you aware of things in the world and encourage you to think about it and maybe even try out something yourself. You can easily put it wherever you want, since it has an easy stand to keep it up.

.Read, read, read to get inspired.

I do not read a lot fictive books, but I like reading educational and inspirational books. The one I share right now is also one of those books, namely This is a good guide. Available in English and Dutch. This book shows and explains how you can become more aware of how you live now and how you can include a more sustainable way of living by changing some aspects a little.

They even have one meant for kids to read! How cool is that!

.Go for quality.

It always seems so expensive to buy ‘better’. But you buy quality in materials and manufacturing. This holds for fashion, but also other things like kitchen appliances and furniture. It is an investment for later on, since you can do longer with quality products which will save you money later on, but which will also reduces the creation of waste. I share some pictures from Levi’s right now since they include sustainability more and more in their products but also provide great quality in jeans and other items. Next to that they also share great information (in-store) about how to take care of your fashion items to ensure a longer period of usage.

.Education not persuation.

I believe in the strong concept of education and inspiration. By talking and sharing your knowledge, opening up the discussion and inspiring others we, as a society, can shift towards a more sustainable world. It is an all-people’s effort to make a change. By persuading other people to live the way you do, you will not achieve what you want. Everyone wants to do things on their own personal way. By opening up the discussion and starting with inspiring you can inspire people to find their own way. That is also the reason for me to write these kinds of articles.

And that were the 5 tips already! Feel free to get inspired and also feel free to share your tips in the comments below. I am always interested in finding new (affordable) ways to do my part in getting a greener (and in my opinion, better) world.

What do you do regarding sustainability?

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