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Give better with the Sustainable Fashion Gift card

We shop until we drop, well we used to. Unfortunately the physical stores are closed, but we still have the online web shops were we can buy whatever we like. For the last two months I am trying to buy only necessary items, like underwear if needed. But it is still holiday time, which means that I also bought some presents for my loved ones. I got in contact with the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card: THE gift card to inspire people to shop more sustainable and to explore the possibilities of sustainable shopping. So, when you give, you give better. I was able to shop for €25 euro at all kinds of sellers and pioneers.

“Fashion pioneers who are part of the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card, bring back quality, craftsmanship and creativity in fashion”

Nanette Hogervorst (Founder Sustainable Fashion Gift Card)

.The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card.

When you go to the website of the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card you can purchase one, but you can also see all the pioneers connected to the card. This means that at those stores you can exchange your Gift Card. There are a lot of different pioneers. You can buy fashion, accessories, bags, interior items, experiences and more. I checked all the pioneers and was not able to choose quickly, since there was so much that I liked. And the nice thing was, that I explored and discovered (for me) unknown brands that sell extremely nice items.

And I also want to give my compliments to the looks and packaging of the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card. It is wrapped in a nicely folded envelope idea. On the inside you find a card and some extra information about the card, the pioneers and a shopping-tour where you can digitally visit multiple pioneers.

It is extremely nice how this card is set up, and I really want to give my full support to it. The mission of Nanette is amazing and I believe that it makes the world a little bit better, through getting shoppers inspired to buy more conscious.

.My Gift Card Purchase.

As I already said, I recived €25,- to shop with. Eventually I ended up at the website of Studio JUX. They sell fashion and gifts, which all look super nice! I browsed through the website and ended up at the gifts section where I found the most prestigious things. I even got some inspiration for gifts to others here.

he beautiful items got me mesmerized, and I bought two items. One is a beautiful candle holder from Nkuku. This brand wants to give artists a broader audience and make sure that the items are eco- and ethically-friendly made. The looks of the candle holder are very robust, which fit into my home very well!

I also bought a planner. I love it to write down my planning and my tasks. This way I can keep everything organized. Though I never completely found what I was looking for in a planner. When I saw this planner from Notem, I was sold. This was what I needed. A quite thin booklet, to take with you easily. With the weekdays next to each other. And you can number everything yourself, so if you miss a week there will be no blank pages wasted. The planner is of great quality and aesthetics. “The NOTEM collection is a result of a comprehensive exploration of the intrinsic purpose of every single product.” Is what they say on their site. And for me, this book complies!

.Is this Gift Card a hit or a miss?.

Definitely a HIT! I think it is amazing that you can explore pioneers through this gift card. And next to that, you can also inspire others to shop better by gifting this card!

Let’s create a positive impact together.

Do you know brands that are sustainable where you love to shop?

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