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Make Dibond prints to save special moments

I have printed quite some different photos already, to give away or to hang in my room. It is getting a little bit too much, but I like it so! By printing your photos, on for example Dibond, you can save special moments or just lovely work from yourself or others. I have been a great fan of Gallery Print already, but I am also a big fan of Dibond prints. Dibond has a cool aluminum look, but the whites are still visible, since it has an extra layer! The print I share today is made by (reveived as barter).

.Forest walk.

Since there is not much possible to do, I once went to the forest. We went there to make some photos, but also to film a video (which you can see below here from my Instagram). It was a lovely day and the weather couldn’t have been better. The sun was low and went through the trees formidable! I am in love with a lot of pictures I have made that day. So, today I want to share some. I also choose one of the pictures to be printed on Dibond, since I love the results so much!

The video is shot by Mathias Verheijden.

.Dibond Print.

As mentioned above I created a Dibond print of one of my pictures made that day. I decided to go for a big print (60×90) since that will really take you into the woods! The picture chosen also fitted perfectly for this size, since you really look into a scene of green. Where two people are disappearing in the back. But who are they? Where are they going to? Some questions may rise when viewing this scene. That is why I think it is super nice to have it hanging in my home. Next to that it connects me to the place it was taken.

The quality of the print is super good. It shows the sharpness of the original photo, which I find very important. Next to that, the material quality of the dibond material is very good. I feel like this print can last a very long time! Right now it does not have the best spot yet, but I am cleaning and changing my room a little, so I will make a spot for this amazing product too. offers a lot of different printable materials and objects, next to dibond prints. For example, if you need to print a poster for school or to hang in your home, they offer it. They even print more business-like products. Think about roll-up banners that can be used at events or in offices. But even for parties they will work really well!

I am very enthusiastic about my new dibond print and will look at it a lot of times! offered great service and quality and therefore I will recommend there website if you are looking for something to be printed.

Do you print photos often?

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