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.Place the Moment in your house with a map poster.

A lot of moments during your life are treasurable. From the moment you came on this world, finding your soulmate, to making career. And sometimes you want to save them in a special way. One way to do that is by developing pictures made in that period of time, but if you want to do something different you also have ‘map posters’. Place the Moment asked me if I wanted to make a map poster on their site and place the moment in my house. I was already familiar with the ability of making a map poster, since I created one for my boyfriend of the moment we met each other. In my opinion, posters like these are amazing as presents or just for yourself as a decoration to your room.

I decided to place the moment of my birth on a map poster. Maybe this sounds less interesting than the moment you and your soulmate met, but in my opinion it remembers me of where I come from. Especially since I do not live at that place anymore it makes it extra special to place the moment in my new home.

.The Place the Moment order.

The website of Place the Moment is very clear. You are directed through the process and can make your map poster easily. They offer different sizes of posters from which you can choose, though it is hard to immediately see the difference. Therefore I did not know mine was becoming so big!

When receiving the package you get the poster in a role which is then packed in a wooden box again for the sending information. The role is completely in style of the poster and therefore very fitting if you want to give it as a present to someone. But the role is also very useful if you want to store the poster later on or if you want to store other posters.

The poster itself was in the role together with a sheet of paper that protected the print. This shows that Place the Moment takes quality and service into account, which in my opinion is a great business value.

The quality of the print is also considerably high. The thick matte paper and color of the print make sure that the print looks attractive and of quality. Especially since the posters are quite ‘high’ in price (+€45,- excl. shipping costs) I think that they should live up to it. Which in my opinion they do.

.My map poster.

As mentioned before, I decided to make a map of my birthplace. I want to keep where I come from close to me and therefore this was an amazing fit. The ‘Hello World’ refers to being born, but also to my technical studies where we test code with the same text for if it works.

I hung the poster on my wall using some washi-tape. I wanted the poster to stick, but not ruin my wall. I used tape, since the poster is so big I did not have any frame for it and next to that I like the taped look. But probably in the future I might decide to put it in a frame still.

I am really happy with the poster and how it looks! I think that having such a map poster can help you reminding moments of your life without people immediately knowing what it’s about. For example, you can also take the location numbers and a heart if you do not want to openly have a ‘cheesy’ poster on your wall. You can make it completely as you desire, which is amazing in my opinion.

Do you already have a map poster? What do you think of the concept?

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