.Things to do during a world-pandemic.

Written by Yvonne

I know, we are already quite some time in a world-pandemic. During the summer times, it was quite alright to deal with. The restrictions were minimum. Since yesterday, The Netherlands is in a strict lock-down. This means that we should stay inside as much as possible, the stores are closed (nutrition stores are open) and we can only see a max of 2 people outside of our household per day.

But we can stay sad and grab a blanket to lay with on the couch all day, but we can also see the positive side of this pandemic. We can find a new hobby, clean our computer and house intensely, learn new things and so much more. Today I want to share some activities and things to do when you are restricted to stay home as much as possible. I am aware of the fact that the stores are closed. Though for some points you might need some stuff, which you might already have at home. If not, you can always order online.

.Get Crafty.

One of my greatest hobbies is Pinterest, so I also collect a lot of different crafting and upgrading projects. I love it to make garments or bags for example. But making a good painting is also something I enjoy. Since they are already things I do, I do have the needs for it. Maybe you don’t have it but people you know have. Or you can order things online.

Something great to do is upgrading an old piece of furniture. You might already have it at your home, otherwise family members might have a nice piece you can upgrade. Or you can search Marktplaats for good pieces of others.

No furniture around? Or you want something else? You might also have old pieces of clothing that you do not wear anymore. Old clothing is excellent to learn how to sew or to use as a fabric resource. Next to that, with some easy tricks you can upgrade every piece into something new and amazing!

.Cook/bake something new.

To still be able to get some thrills these days, you can explore new things. Since we are still allowed to cook/bake and eat, you can open up some recipe books you might have or search Pinterest. Find recipes that you usually do not choose or take more time to make. This way you have a new and fun activity and you, hopefully, end up with delicious food.

Make a 3-course menu for yourself and the ones at home. Surprise them with your cooking skills and the new taste that came out of the kitchen!

.Dining at home.

Support your local businesses by ordering food there and dine at home. Especially a lot of fun if you still have to make parts yourself. Recently I celebrated with my boyfriend and we ordered from Umami in Eindhoven. It was really great! The evening was so much fun. And we ate deliciously!

We already knew that Umami has great food. But what you also can do, is ordering from an unknown restaurant. There are so many great restaurants all around the world and through dining at home you explore them easily yourself. Next to that, mostly the plates will end up looking as amazing as when being in the restaurant.

The meal combination you see in the pictures is partially what I ordered last time. It was absolutely delicious!

.Write a letter or card.

Especially now, a letter or card is received as extremely personal. We can not be together, during the Holidays, with all the loved ones as usual.. Send the ones you think of, miss and haven’t seen for a while, a hand-written card. If you do not have any cards at home at the moment you can also order them via Greetz for example.

Personally I saw some cards in a store before lockdown and decided to purchase them. I will send them to people to wish them a happy Holiday!

.Take Care and Clean up.

These sport shorts are sustainable!

We spend a lot of time at home now. Maybe you irritate yourself about some parts of the house. Clean it up! Maybe re-arrange some of your interior and make your home even more a home.

This also counts for your computer. Everyone has those folder full of files that do not belong there or should be organized way better. These days are also great to do that too! And maybe it is time for a back-up again?

But also do not forget yourself. A little self-love is well appreciated. Put on a mask or have a pj-day. Take a lovely bath and watch a movie at the same time. I will be watching Mamma Mia, as usual!

I hope you will get through the lockdown. Take care of yourself and keep an eye on the people around you. We can do this all together and if we do this now, maybe soon we can do a little bit more.

Although I am still posting until the new year and later on, I already want to wish you happy Holidays. Hopefully you are able to celebrate it with someone you love.

What are your plans to do during lock-down?

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