.2021. A new year.

Written by Yvonne

Happy 2021 everyone! I am a little bit late to this party, but I really needed to take some time off. University life, work life and blog life asked a lot the last months and therefore I needed to rest quite a lot. But now feel like the inspiration is streaming into my veins and I am happy to work on all the new things that are coming!

The pictures of this post are screenshots from my latest Instagram video!

.My 2020 prediction.

It might sound a little bit weird, but the last two years I was able to feel something about the upcoming year on New Year’s Eve. For 2019 I felt that that year would be very enthusiastic and positive. Eventually, 2019 was a very good and fun year. For 2020 I felt a bit weird. I didn’t know in what way, but I felt like 2020 would be strange. And I was right again.

2020 had been my, and I presume for a lot of other people too, weirdest year ever. Who had thought a year ago that the world had to conquer so much trouble. From fires to a pandemic, this year was intense.

But that is something we heard so much already.

It is more interesting to know what I feel about 2021. And I have to say, I don’t really know actually.


2021 feels a bit hopeful, yet this feeling is not overwhelming. I think 2021 is a bit like a light dot on the horizon, a better time where we all are going. The world-wide vaccination has started and I think that in a couple of months we will have quite some of our freedom back again. That working from home is a choice of comfort, and that being with your friends and family is being treasured more than ever.

2021 will be a year of restoring. Restoring a balance and I also think restoring the world. Of course there are people falling back completely into their old habits, but I believe there are a lot of people who’s thoughts has changed positively during this pandemic.

.My goals.

Making good intentions for the new year is rarely something I do. When I think of changing myself I do that immediately. But I have made some goals for myself for 2021.

The upcoming year I want to think about myself a bit more. I need to give less fucks about things I might see as problems, yet they’re not. On top of that I want to make a start in creating my own (sustainable) label. I want to start with accessories and finally add garments to it too. And one that resulted from the pandemic: taking long walks outside with some tea or coffee in my hand. I love nature and I don’t know why I never went out so much.

What are your plans for 2021?

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