.How to stay positive in a down period.

Written by Yvonne

The lockdown is elongated in The Netherlands, and it might even get stricter. It is a hard period for all of us and for some even worse than others. It is hard to stay positive, find the motivation to work and wake yourself up in the morning. Because every day seems the same as the ones before.

Although it is hard to stay positive, it is very important to keep yourself a little bit happier. This way you will not end up in a downward spiral. I am always quite positive myself, and this lockdown period also asked a lot for me. Still, I try to stay positive every day. This way I can keep myself sane.

This article is written from a personal perspective, not scientifically.

.It is hard to stay positive.

Since there is not much positivity going on, it is hard to stay positive. But there are some small things you can do to find the smallest positivity in life. This is not only good for yourself now, it will bring joy to you in the future as well.

Even though little happens around us and we cannot even do something outside, rather than walking or biking alone or with one other person, you can find new things to enjoy. And maybe these are not even new things at all. Maybe these things always gave you fun in the past already, but current busy days have pushed that away.

.But what do I suggest?.

I have always been quite good in finding small positive things in everything around me. An example is that I can get very happy of watching people walking on the street, wondering where they are talking about and where they are going. But this is really something that you have to be able to enjoy. Otherwise it will not make you happy at all.

Other things I like to do is to stay organized. By having a clean, organized home, I feel more energetic to do my work. Therefore also happy at the end of the day, since I had a productive one.

And how do I start working then? You need to find motivation somewhere. And that is always the hardest part. And it really depends on íf you really want to do the activity for a future goal or not. It is similar to having the motivation to be fit or to clean your house. You need to have an end goal. By having a goal or purpose, you know what you are working for. And by pushing yourself at the beginning, you can find energy and stay positive better.

And lastly for today, I would suggest to go outside. Look around, hear the nature or the city, and breath air that is cleaner than long before. I am always in wonder about how humanity build everything till what it is now, that we made such an amazing working society. And those small things make me happy and help me find positivity in the smallest things.

.Take care of yourself.

These days it is important to find small things that could bring you happiness. From reading a new book till putting on a beauty mask or even watching old videos and photos. This way you can stay positive a little bit better. And you know, sometimes it is okay to feel sad, bad, stupid or whatever. But by (re-)finding a passion, a motivation, or a new hobby you can climb back up.

Good luck and take care 💖

Where did you find (new) happiness during this pandemic?

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