.My reading list for 2021.

Written by Yvonne
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Let’s put it here immediately: I do not like reading that much. BUT, last year I felt like my intellectual skills were quite off. Therefore I decided to read more, and especially books. I cannot really remember the last book that I actually finished quickly. And I thought this had to change.

For my studies I have been (and will be) reading a lot. I need to read scientific papers, belonging to a certain subject I am working on or with. It helped me with ameliorating my English reading skills in terms of vocabulary for example. But it did not help me with finding joy in reading. I think it is also part of the fact that I am interested in non-fiction/informational book, rather than the real fiction. That might be the reason why I feel like reading is tiring me sometimes.

Hopefully, 2021 will change that! I have some books on my list that I would like to read this year. Some are fiction and some are non-fiction. Maybe there is one of your interest in my list too!

.Currently reading.

Right now I am reading The subtle art of not giving a f*ck. Written by Mark Manson. I asked this book for Sinterklaas (a Dutch festive), because I wanted to stop caring so much about things that were not such big of a deal for my life. The interest in this book sparked me and I was curious what Mark Manson could teach me about his view on ‘living a good life’.

What do I think? I really like Mark his vision on the world and his way of telling his story suits my reading preferences. And funny (or sad) enough, I recognize myself in some of his examples. This really let met think about the f*cks that I give in my life. Definitely a recommendation to read this book.

Right now I almost finished this book and it took me two months to read then. Which I feel like is still very long, but definitely shorter than I am used too. A good reading start of 2021 I believe.

.The world of Coco Chanel.

The little book of Chanel. This book is written by Emma Baxter-Wright, who made this book about the brand Chanel. Chanel is one of my most inspiring fashion houses (together with Dior) and I think that the couture they make is marvelous.

What do I expect? I hope to learn more about the brand and what they make/do. And I also hope that the stories in this book inspire me for future projects and my future as a designer.

I believe that this book is not very textual as the one I am reading right now. But I am aware of that. Therefore, I will from now on, share more textual books in my list. Since that is eventually my goal.

.Becoming a business lady.

Yes, you read it right. I want to improve my business skills. And I believe that the book Nice Girls don’t get the Corner Office from Lois P. Frankel will help me with that. Since it is called the ‘ultimate career book for women’. What do I have to say more?

What do I expect? From what I can read about the book, this book will help me preventing from commonly made mistakes regarding work. And I expect to learn how to play the game of work-life, and winning it.

I promise you, this is my last non-fiction book of this list. Because I also think that relaxing and reading should fit together. Something I struggle with when I read so many non-fictional and educational books.


You might think: Yvonne, Lupin is a new series on Netflix. Indeed, that is true. But this series is based on the stories of Arsène Lupin. And let me tell you: the books are real. I want to read Arsène Lupin, gentleman thief, written by Mauriece Leblanc and translated to Dutch. I like the series so much that I assume that I would enjoy reading the books as well.

My expectations: I expect a thrilling story of a man who steals in unthinkable ways. A story that would suck you in and that you will miss when you stopped reading. The only way to find out if this is true: start reading!

And I also want to highlight the look of the book cover! That color blue grabs my eye!

.The one I never finished reading.

I. Never. Finished. Reading. This. Book. And I am sad about it actually. Since I really enjoyed the beginning of the story. It is one hell of a question why I never continued reading.

The book Come Here I Kiss You (rough translation from the original Dutch title Kom hier dat ik u kus) is written by Griet op de Beeck. In this story you will follow Mona as a child, and in her twenties. A story about why and how we become who we are.

What do I still remember? Well, not quite much actually. Only that I enjoyed reading it in the first place. The title was brought to me by my Dutch language teacher. He always shared interesting novels with me, since he knew I found it difficult to find the right books to read. This title, together with some others, are still for me to read. And hopefully I can manage to do so.

I have quite some reading to do I see. And hopefully I will manage to read them all the upcoming year! While you see these five books you might think: easy peasy. But for me, this list is already quite a challenge. But I want to take that challenge! I am actually almost always in for a good challenge, and this one is one of them.

Do you have any reading wishes or suggestions for me?

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